Release Suggestions

After reading the comments on the last patch, I thought I would leave some suggestions. Hopefully they will lend a voice to what you are already intending to do.

  1. There appear to have been a number of bugs that should have been caught during testing. (e.g. naked thralls, floating thralls after building items were destroyed, etc). Is there a post mortem to determine how those bugs were missed and how similar issues can be found in the future during testing?

  2. Implement a code freeze on Friday and release the dev kit.

  3. No weekend deployments, unless it’s an emergency patch. This will give your modders a weekend to update their mods. Since I read more than one comment that the mods had to be updated to the latest development kit. A one hour window wasn’t long enough this last time. I am assuming that weekends are the peak days for the servers. They should never be patched (again, unless it’s an emergency) during peak loads.

  4. Allow modders to run a copy of the test server so the mods can be tested.

  5. Rollout the server patch on Monday by region, when that region is normally awake. Following these steps gives players and modders enough of a warning to prepare for the patch. It also won’t produce new, unknown bugs during peak days.

While the patch was huge and welcomed by all, the very short window for people to scramble and piece their mods and servers back together has left a few disappointed and bitter.

  1. Why should other people have to wait longer for an update just cause you use mods?

  2. Do mods not work on the testlive server?

  3. I don’t think they can do that. Most update rollout timings are handled on Steam/Xbox/Whatever side.

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