Religion Altars

All religion altars could remove corruption if you select the altar and click the icon to start removing the corruption if that is what you want to happen / choose to do, by using up zeal, venom infused blood and so on…


I’m not saying I’m for or against it, but it has to be asked…

Why? :confused:

Dancers take care of corruption extremely well, or if you want you could make cleansing brews at the cost of a yellow lotus and an herbal tea each. So what purpose would this serve?

On top of that I think certain deities, especially Set, would be more prone to cause corruption than remove it.


Using religion in the Exiled Lands or Siptah should result in more corruption, not removing it. Set, Mitra, Yog, Derketo, and Ymir are outer dark entities whose connections with mortals is unnatural and disruptive.

Remember what Conan himself said:

I have travelled far and seen much. From the glittering ice of Asgard to the jungle expanses of the Black Kingdoms, I have been thief, pirate and mercenary. But nowhere have I seen gods as I see them in this land. These avatars that stalk and spread destruction in their wake. These are not gods. These are what men want the gods to be. Weapons.


For convenience, for putting effort into your altar.

The glaring issue with altar is the rewards you can obtain with them, for example timed based blessings etc and guardians. Etc.

Mitra - no. Mitra is the only good god. The rest, including Jhebbal Sag and Zath - yes.

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Someone doesn’t know about Mitrian mysteries :smiley:
My dude, if anything, Mitra is the worst of the bunch.

I am terribly offended in my best religious feelings. :innocent:

I also ask: why should they?

What is corruption in the first place? And why should cutting out living hearts (Set) to sacrifice them on the altar cure corruption? Sometimes I wonder if altars should cause corruption instead…


Altars are currently useless. In PvE they are completely useless. Only as decoration.
As an atheist, I’m not against this. This once again emphasizes the uselessness of religious rituals.
But there are game principles. One of which says that those who have done more than others and have advanced further than others should receive a reward.

Yeah well, I was thinking about in-universe or flavor reasons :smiley:

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For my part, I tried to find the logic. I don’t see this logic with regard to corruption. The developers presented the corruption factor as something completely arbitrary. If a person is affected by corruption, he becomes weaker. But if any other living creature is affected by it, it becomes much stronger and healthier.
And since logic cannot be applied to corruption, why not remove it on altars?

Mitra is of the same type of entities as every other entity claiming to be a god. He’s not any more good than them, his followers just typically have a more benevolent interpretation of his will.

And I say typically, because the Mitra followers in the Exiled Lands are way more expansive, aggressive, and prone to bloody sacrifices than even the Set followers in Stygia itself. All of the religious peoples of the Exiled Lands have taken their devotion to a bloody level.

Im confused how is corruption in any way arbitrary in Conan exiles?

Well, I directly gave the example above.
Perhaps the translator chose the wrong word…

Yeah, I don’t buy that. Frankly it sounds to me more like someone just lashing out indiscriminately at anything associated with gods or religions. Unless you can elaborate, he definitely seems a lot more “good” than for example, Set, god of chaos, evil and human sacrifice. Or Zath, a huge spider that seeks to “purify” (ie. poison and consume) the world. Or Yog, author of the draft version of the book “To Serve Man”.

Mitra at least has a sense of justice and encourages his followers to be forgiving (with varying degrees of success in that regard and with an exception for Set, Mitra’s sworn enemy).

Sure you can argue over whether the people in the exiled lands are worshiping the gods or just manifestations of what they want gods to be or whatever, but in terms of where they are on the “evilness” scale, Mitra is definitely not on the same level as the others.

As long as the justice includes stabbyfying all the filthy heathens who dare to reject or violate the holy word of one true god Mitra.

As long as said forgiving is done to the bestest humans who are Mitra worshipers and not some dirty barbarians who worship a wrong god.

Of course he is not on the same level. He is literally the Spanish Inquisition on steroids except this time everyone expected it because all Conan gods are buttholes.

You can go all you want “but some of his teachings are good”. Well that can be said about every other god. Set exalts learning and self-perfection, Zath teaches skilful ingenuity and Yog solves world hunger.

But I feel we are getting offtopic with some lore.

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Untrue. Mitra and his followers are generally tolerant of other religions and cults with the notable exception of Set and various smaller cults associated with him, at least by Mitra’s followers, such as the cult of Asura.

Also there’s kind of a big difference between a god that represents healing and righteousness, however you choose to interpret it, v.s. a god that explicitly represents evil, human sacrifice and chaos. :wink:

There’s nothing to elaborate. There’s no evidence of Mitra showing his specific will. Only the interpretations of his followers. I cannot show you evidence of him being not always being good, when there is no evidence of him being anything. If you want to go by purely evidence, then there is none to show he even exists outside of some ghost of somebody (Epimetreus) who enchanted a sword.

Now I’m not going to say that Mitra doesn’t exist due to that (despite a source material used by Funcom suggests he doesn’t, but I don’t consider that to be canon, even though Funcom used it as a guideline for some lore). For the sake of argument I assume Mitra exists, just like Set exists, and I know Crom and Ymir exist (there is direct evidence of such in the original works), and Yog most likely exists due to collaboration and friendship with HP Lovecraft, and along those lines we’ll just assume Derketo exists as well.

The gods of the Hyborian Age are very similar (and at least 1 is canonical to) those in the HP Lovecraft stories. These aren’t entities you want to directly interact with. It doesn’t matter how ‘benevolent’ they seem to be. Their very nature isn’t one normal people can interact with directly without being harmed (or corrupted as we know it). Think about this analogy. You can cook with a fire. Which is a good thing. You can use it to burn people, that’s a bad thing. You can put your hand in it and hurt yourself. The fire cannot change any of those outcomes on its own.

Its interesting that you used Zath in your argument. Because Conan killed him. Must have been a ‘puny god’. :laughing:

But in all seriousness, it comes back to my point earlier that the influence of the gods in the Exiled Lands are not the same as in the temples in the cities and such outside the Exiled Lands. The Avatar summoned by a T4 Archpriest of Zath is not the same entity that Conan killed. It is a manifestation of the zeal (in game terms, literally) of those followers augmented by aspects of the Exiled Lands (and Isle of Siptah). As Conan said, these are not gods, but what men want gods to be, weapons to be wielded.

What is interesting to me is you have a tribe of exiles in the Exiled Lands who are literally trying to build an Avatar of Mitra. What is their intent for this avatar? Its not to spread good will and benevolence. That’s for sure.

While this may argue differently for Hyborian gods at large…

Within the Exiled Lands, it’s all a scam.
Mitra accepts human sacrifice in the Exiled Lands.
That’s a core principle of the faith violated right there.

So regardless of what happens outside of the Giant King’s demense, within, it’s all smoke and psycho reactive mirrors.

Also, Yog, remove corruption?
This one applauds the comedic genius at work for that one.

While this one agrees there is a need for an overhaul, especially with the bubble burst…
Let that overhaul make the religions more distinct, not more lore ignoringly samey.


Wait a sec. Doesn’t he appear in Black Colossus? He directly instructs a princess, with the big booming god voice and everything, to go out on the streets and hand her kingdom over to the first random guy she happens to see. Which ends up being Conan.

Probably to squash the Set worshipers down in Sepermeru, given how well established it is that those two in particular don’t get along. Or just to protect themselves from the dangers imposed by others in the exiled lands. Mitra does have a history of intervening to protect his followers. Although that motivation can indeed easily mutate from “protection” to “conquest”.

The thing is though, you are way off base if you are trying to imply that any violent, punitive or wrathful action disqualifies an individual from being considered good. :wink: