Religion is dumb in Conan Exiles

There no point to religion,but avatars. WoW a PVP tool. So not useful in PVE, Online Co-op, solo players and Offline single player mode. There no armors,weapons of many types,furniture or anything heavy on religion. We get the bare min for religion. Sure the star weapons are beautiful. So how about dull colors also know as 1 color weapons. The religion system feels like a waste. Sure if you can learn all T1 religion shrines for free,but the religion system doesn’t rewarded you greatly for investing in it.

I was hoping for religion armors and more weapons for heavy investment in religion. How cool would a snake armor of Set look. Sure many see religion as optional. I see it as the way of life of every citizen in the Conan universe. Crom being the none religion would have all its item to be able to be learn like an Iron sword of crom. Learn it like a normal sword. Religion weapons and armors able to learn in the religion areas. You have to Learn each religion weapons and armors. Basically how you learn every other weapons and armors.

I’m so disappointed on what religions could be in this game. A way of life. Hell, most players could role play as cults. But they can’t. We are limited.


Most of food and outfits is really only reason I use them, I play mostly single player… so its Crom till Journal entry finally bugs me enough to use another. XD

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I wasnt sure whether to upvote this or not. First off I dont believe that the games religion system is “dumb” at all. In fact I believe it annihilates the religion systems (or lack there of) of other open world games such as Skyrim and the Witcher 3, which look paper thin by comparison. Could we use a handful of additional items for each of the games religions (especially Crom!)…!? Sure! And that is why I am upvoting your suggestion. However, it is in no way ‘dumb’. Also if you are going to make a formal request for a feature from Funcom, who I might add is not obligated to oblige, I suggest a more constructive, less scornful approach. As the saying goes: “You get a lot more with sugar than you do with vinegar”.


I suggested religion boost to items. I’m upset that religion lacks full weapon and armor sets. I feel religion needs more. Religion has 1 use in game. A PVP tool. But this is Conan lore. I feel religion potential is wasted.

this may help

It adds cults to the Exile lands. Religion weapons and armors adds role playing.

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Not just weapons/armors, but the game could use a LOT more religiously-themed decorations as well. When I make a new character, I always pick a theme. Sometimes those themes are religious-based. Depending on the religion, there just isn’t much to decorate with.

Sure, if I go stygian, then there’s a lot of stygian-themed decorations, but what if I choose to worship derketo?? There are plenty of pieces to decorate with, but none are specifically themed to derketo. I can get much nicer options via mods, but what if I’m playing on an unmodded server??

I definitely agree with you, Bryan, there needs to be more options related to religion. When I do play, I tend to play on pve servers w/ mods, and I haven’t actually built an altar in at least 400+ hours of game play. There’s truly no point.

I don’t pvp, so no need for gods.

I don’t rp, so no need to pretend I have everything I need.

I pve, and I can see the benefit of more religion-based pieces.

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This is why religion dumb in Conan Exiles.

There is no themes to religion. No decorations. No full sets of armor and many clothing sets adds to religion. We are limited on religion. I wouldn’t mind extra feats added to religions. Crom being added to weapons,armor and etc. I see religion area with very little feats in it. Derketo Iron sword in Derketo religion. Give Derketo iron sword same requirements as Iron sword. This way I can make faith low tier weapons.

I’m still waiting Crom Altar that does nothing, but make Journal entries go away. So I never have give it up…
Or strikes me with lighting for using it. XD

Like pile of skulls, (small pile) collecting from enemies. XD

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Religion means adherence beyond faith. I am a Set man, despite the superiority of Sag’s attacks as an avatar, or Mitra’s benevolence in early-game healing.

Set is All. Set is The Way. As a player this will be clearly defined.

I think the religion also being vague and open helps. You basically form it to your own, thru your own means.

beats game handing it to you in forced manner with little leway.

Maybe if were lucky… one of DLC will be religion pack that adds outfit for each type to pray and do stuff in.

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I like the atmosphere that religions bring to the game, and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them implemented. But I’d like to see them solve the issues with avatars first.

Oh I sooo agree Necrobile. We have Banners releasing with the next DLC, so why couldnt we have a banner with each religions icon/logo included in this pack…!? It would have been so little work for so much value. These would be the sort of things we would expect to see in virtually any temple dedicated to Set, Mitra, Ymir, Derketo, etc. In addition, a few extra placeable ornaments in a similar vein to Yogs Skeletal Decoration, and Sets Snake Idol. Again, the sort of things we would expect to find in almost any temple or devout followers home. I just dont understand the resistance to this.

Exactly this^^. Thankyou my fellow Crom worshipper. There are numerous ways we can have a Shrine to Crom, and still be in keeping with the lore. For example, it could be simply a glorified placeable which produces NOTHING, just sits there.

Alternatively, it could harm or kill the player. For example, placing it or pressing the interact button on it could result in the player a) getting hit by lightning and dying as you said b) the player taking on a big stack of noxious debuffs such as poison, bleed, sunder, etc c) it could emit heavy corruption d) it could result in several high tier creatures spawning in to kill the player e) the player could simply drop dead, like we do when removing the bracelet.

ALL of these would be 1) consistent with the lore, 2) mean we wouldnt have to betray our alegiance to him just to complete the Journey Steps 3) allow all players greater role playing freedom.

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If it “could” do something.

I’d love my pile of skulls as t1.

t2 does nothing, but adds a Conan sword onto pile

t3 does nothing, but shows a kill count of people you killed…

But ya, I’d settle for anything, even if it was just a Rock, with blood painted on it. LOL

anything at this point. =3

Considering it wouldnt event produce anything, it might be best if it were even just a single tier. Maybe a ‘T3’ right off the bat!? Im fine with either. I see it as being a very rudimentary, thing myself as you would expect of a gloomy and savage barbarian god. Dark, stone and bone, no gold or finery, simple and strong like the Cimmerians. I could handle the skull grave pile as a centrepiece on it with a sword at the front, perhaps a helmet hung on it. Perhaps the symbol of his great mountain Ben Morgh (which is sacred to Cimmerians) carved into the backing. A Frost Giant or Dragon Skull perched above, surrounded by human ones, blood stains. It is interesting to try and consider, and even more so visualise.

This may even become a contest soon. More about it when I know more myself.

I want a weapon type of all weapon types in Iron,Steel,Harden Steel and star metal for every religion. Clothing sets to have civil towns of each religion. Decorations for religion theme furniture. Make religion feel more like it belong in Conan Exiles. Look the religion has only four perks to learn. Hell put religion weapons in the Blacksmith’s Bench. I feel each religion needs new weapons added as well as other stuff. Look at basic light,medium and heavy armor. Picture those stats with different designs. Religions armors has 6 armor designs for each armor. Light heat protection,Light Cold Protection,Medium heat protection,Medium Cold protection,Heavy Heat protection and Heavy Cold protection. The epics same designs but better protection. I don’t want OP religion armors or weapons. I want religion stuff to add to my cause and role play in.


I’m okay with the religion aspects seeing as the books rely heavily on religious lore. The one thing that bugs me though is the inclusion of crom as an option for religion. No on prays to crom in the books, merely uttering his name can bring misfortune, his name is considered a curse.

I build them for the fancy laserbeams!

Religion just boring and weak in PVE. Avoid it Exiles in PVE.