Remove Helmet View

Hi guys, is there a vies to show character’s head (like he has no helmet) except, you know, by removing the helmet ?

Honestly, I can live without the extra armor, but I need the stat bonus, so I’d really not give away the helmet.
Lots of games have this option.

I don’t think there’s a hide helmet option. At least not that I recall. But with the new illusion system it might be possible to give the helmet with the stats you want the appearance of another piece of headgear that isn’t as apparent. Like maybe make it look like an eye patch or a circlet.

Basically just find a helmet you like the appearance of or can at least live with and use the transmog system once 3.0 hits.


Stat bonuses are going away on Sep 1st with the 3.0 upgrade anyway, but you can always use Illusion (also coming in 3.0) to make it look like earrings or a headband instead I guess, while still giving armor and whatever bonuses will replace stats.


I see, thanks guys

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