Removing land claim restrictions from Notes and Papyrus Scrolls

Sure. Contrary to what it may seem, I am not against this suggestion in any way - maybe I wouldn’t rate it highly on my personal “wants list”, but that’s a far cry from being against it.


Maybe make it very heavy and not stacking? Then no more than an Elephant can carry - 30 pcs. By the way do placeables decay now? If they do then such note not connected to the owner’s foundation should decay very fast by itself.

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not sure if the current decay system handles such cases because currently it’s not possible to place stuff on claimed land.


At least it will be VERY dull to bring 2000 notes to someone’s claimed land one by one )


I totally agree with this! I have even made a similar post back in the day that was not well received at all. :joy:

IIRC I suggested that the notes be limited to prevent spamming someone with a million notes. Let there be a fixed amount we can place and if we go over the amount the last one is destroyed.
I really hope to get this in game cos other than decor I really don’t see any use whatsoever for these notes.



to implement something that later turns out to be exploitable is something different than implementing such a feature with the knowledge that you did not add checks / restrictions and give out a tool for trolls and I’m only resisting the statement that it’s a simple change.

from the inital post:

if you did it right it’s far from a simple change.

the exploitable / trolling aspect is also mentioned by the devs in one of the last dev streams. this is not the first time this feature request hits this forum or the dev streams.

ignoring official servers and the current state of this servers (no gamemasters, no real rules) when adding a feature makes literaly not sense.

it’s not an excuse. the current server setup from the devs is like it is and they have to take the official servers into account for all the stuff they implement like they have to take into account that the game also is available for consoles. as a modder I can ignore consoles and official servers and can add what ever I want to add and the players / server admins can pick which ever mod they want.

dev stream sourece:

Twitch Comment: Can we possibly get a feature on note items to make them placeable anywhere, so people can leave messages on other people’s bases?
Robert: I would love to do that, but I can see some opportunity to grief here by placing notes all over someones house, and so probably not.


They’ve said that mounts wouldn’t be a thing, and yet they’re coming to the game in a little over a month. If they can figure out how to make mounts work when the previous concern was people literally falling through the world because of rendering issues, I don’t think the note problem is something that they can’t solve. I have faith in them.

If enough people express an interest in having the land claim removed from notes, Funcom will find a way, I am confident in that. That’s what suggestions are for, and that’s why Rubble posted that here.

People told me similar things about having VoIP fixed, “Just use discord”, “It’s not an issue that most players care about. Just stop.”, Funcom themselves even said that they’d likely not be fixing voip, yet we’ve got an entirely new voip system. Being told no that will never happen, and just walking away, isn’t always the right response if you care about a feature that you want to see.

We’re not ignoring the potential abuse, we’re asking for a feature in suggestions that we feel is valuable, and if enough people express interest, Funcom will figure it out in a way that will work, while also allaying the concerns expressed here.

You’re absolutely right about everything when it comes to trolls, but we believe the feature is valuable, and that Funcom can figure out a way to make it happen, even when a dev says probably not on stream.


Notes are critically important for RP and Conan has a large RP community. What we are stuck using right now are Pipi notes, from an add on, which aren’t horrible… but are only removable by the person who created them. Which means you end up with a situation where a note is just left… hanging there… even when the structure it was attached to has been destroyed… how immersion breaking is that??

Let’s say you have an RP scenario where your character is robbed (recently happened to a character I play) and the offender has a left a Pipi note with a clue to their identity (proper RP etiquette). Now that note can NEVER BE REMOVED from that space. Unless you find the person who robbed you and be all like… “Hey man, before we handle the robbery scenario through RP, would you mind removing the note that’s hanging in mid air in my back yard? Okay cool, thanks… ahem… HOW DARE YOU!”

That’s just… no. Please remove the land claim restrictions from notes and papyrus scrolls. This would be huge for the RP community and the stories we tell.


Good to see so much chatter on this one :smile:

For and against is always good for the discussion. Hopefully it will catch the eye of staff / devs soon enough.

I still ‘feel’ even factoring in some simple anti-griefing precautions wouldn’t make this a huge job but that’s only from an engineer and light dev perspective, no idea about gaming engines personally.

My experience of official servers during my first 6-12 months of Conan was all good. Never experienced any of the grief that I have seen in other posts and on YT videos. It does amaze me at times but that’s people I suppose.

I don’t think the content of the notes could really be an issue for grief so long as VoIP and global chat are not restricted. So it felt to me the only potential issues was of post-it noting someones home/base hence my thought around very low durability items. But there have since been lots of alternative solutions to that potential risk. And I’m sure the developers have a keener eye for potential risks than me.

Anyway, keep up all the good back and forth, might just lead to the perfect and simple solution.


P.S. I could have accidentally swiped and ‘clicked’ a solution found checkbox when on my tablet, those touch screens do like to do that…


Notes are great for RP but I totally get the trolling potential and concern. So I’d propose something like this:
A message board. It could be something as simple as the large sign currently in game. Only, this one would have an inventory that any player could put a note in. And any member of the clan that owns the sign could delete the note. To help cut down on trolling all notes should automatically identify the player that left it. That way if there’s actual abuse it can be traced to the player and dealt with. This also eliminates the trolling possibility of “hiding” notes on other clans’ landclaims. If you don’t WANT to get notes, just don’t put up a bulletin board. But if you do there’s really almost limitless potential. They can be used for OOC communication to arrange events between clans as well as a great IC device for communication among players and clans. If FC wanted to be awesome they could even make 2 kinds of bulletin boards, one for clans that any member of the clan can use/access and one for individual players that only the player who owns it can see.

The RP Mod offers raven cages that function as mailboxes, complete with the raven cawing when you have mail. LOL It’s a great addition for those who use mods but a bulletin board offered by FC for base game is still very desirable and I hope they will expand their Notes system to include it.


Thats actually an interesting idea.

Perhaps a bulletin board could act like the recently added battle standards… instead of creating a PvP zone it could create a land claim free zone…

Who knows :smile:


This is beautiful! I love it! I think there is something very similar in place in Atlas.


Or using the notes themselves to spell out all manner of hate & abuse that doesn’t require interacting with the note to read. Hell, people do this sort of stuff in RealLife™ with post-it notes on people’s cars, offices, etc.

While I would like to be able to leave notes for friends, it’s just as easy to message them thru Steam or ping them in global chat and rendezvous elsewhere. The only case where I can see myself needing them (outside of RP purposes) is for someone who is never online at the same time. Yet in that case, they’re most likely a refresher so who knows if they’d even see it. IMO an in-game mailbox (like in MMOs) would be more beneficial, but we could use the act of placing the note to send the email.


Actual mail boxes would be great.

Something you’d have to craft and place.
Something you’d have to make the walk to in order to put a note in. Like, actually making the delivery yourself.


Yes, mailboxes would be a godsend on PvE servers. Containers that anyone clan place stuff into, but only clan members or higher can remove stuff from.


thats still not the point of my posts. it’s a nice feature and sure I will rarely use it but why should it not be added? my point: it’s NOT an easy feature to implement and in comparison with the mounts it’s way less of a use compared to the effort you have to spend (because a exploitable way of implementation is not an oprion).

and thats exactly the little tweaks it needs which makes it not a 5 minute task to implement

and add additional code to prevent the pippi sceanrio :wink:

You don’t think it’s worth the time and effort, we do. We get it. None of us feel that way (except for like 1 or 2 other people in the thread. I want to make sure I point this out before you quote and correct me on that), that’s why we’re supporting the idea, but we understand where you’re coming from.

You keep saying I don’t get what your point is, I do get it, I just don’t feel the same way. You’re not going to change my mind here, I already know everything you’re pointing out, but I still support this idea.

I’m posting in a thread about a suggestion I support, you’re posting in a thread in a suggestion you don’t support.

Pretty simple.

PS - I love your mod, Testerle, Fashionist is an important mod to the roleplay community. Thank you for making it.

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yes but no. I only did not support the ‘it’s an easy change’ comments because it’s not easy if you make it right (not exploitable and troll supporting). I did not have any problem with the feature by itself but it’s definitve not an easy change.

removing landclaim: more a task of minutes than hours
allow removing of the notes/scrolls: also more in the minutes than in the hours (ignore ownership is already possible)
prevent trolling/griefing: now the time sink kicks in. e.g. floating thralls when buildings decay. how long did we have this issue? month? years? this is a good example how a trivial problem can make a ton of headache and is not fixed after months. now add floating notes/scrolls to the list of floating stuff we already have. the simple idea, remove landclaim from notes/scrolls, adds a ton of additional work if you want to add it right. modders life is way easier in such cases. what we modders did not implement to prevent abuse can be covered with server rules and an active admin team. both are none existend on officials servers which makes this feature in my opinion not easy to implement because we need all three points from above and not only the first two.



I think that Alexandria’s suggestion about the bulletin board might be the right path, even the mailbox idea could work too. Keeping the notes restricted to a very specific area, or item, could be a happy medium. I’m not saying it’s an easy solution, but I think something could be built off as a concept without creating a littering of notes all over structures.

If you don’t want to receive notes, you just don’t craft and place a bulletin board or mailbox.

I understand that you have experience working with the dev kit, but I’m still pretty confident that Funcom could find a solution that maybe even you’re not able to see either.


The two types of in game notes that come to mind are the obvious place-able that is being discussed, to put a note on something, and an inventory note.

The place-able option has to take into consideration the land claim issue and griefing issue that would come from them. I won’t even pretend to know the back end to make this work, but if it could work I know many would love it.

Having an inventory note that can be written and kept as an inventory item that can then be read may be another solution. Thus a mailbox of sorts would work.

Regardless of what kind of note would be made should one be made, the community would be ecstatic (minus the possible griefing should that happen.).