Renaming Isle of Siptah enemies

Funcom, could you please rename some of the Elder Vault/Island enemies. During my time as an user on the ‘‘Conan Exiles’’ wiki, I started renaming many of the new enemy pages because I wanted them to feel more grammatically correct. However, an administrator started undoing most of my edits. I felt like they were ruining the wiki by removing these new names.

Here’s my list of new enemy names:
Decaying Demon Bat
Degenerate Demon Bat
Degenerate Demon Spider
Demon Spider Hatching
Lynx (or Island Lynx; both names will be interchangeable)
Mi-Go Experiment
Malevolent Demon Spider
Siptah Rhinoceros

I hope you enjoy all of the new names I’ve created.

I’m sure @Testerle was ecstatic and grateful for all the work he had to do there :rofl:

But seriously, I don’t understand what you’re trying to do or what you’re asking Funcom to do. Can you explain?

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Wait so you edited the Wiki articles and added names for enemies that are not correct?

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I just didn’t see it as the proper names for these creatures. Also, they misspelled “Rhinoceros” by adding a “U” before the “S”.

Well, technically!

There is nothing wrong with correcting errors but adding false information to a wiki article is against the very point of having a wiki article in the first place.
No one would be able to find the articles since no one will be able to know the names you chose for the articles. It will also create lots of inconsistencies if the article is linked in other articles where it still has the old name.

A wiki is supposed to have correct and coherent information across all articles it consists of (which is hard to do for a constantly changing game), otherwise it becomes hard to use or impossible to use in the worst cases.

I don’t think you had bad intentions with those editings but you need to look at the overall picture in this case where changes, even if they make sense to you, could potentially harm the project.



What @Force said.

But with that in mind, it’s great you are participating in working on the wiki to update it. We need more volunteers on that never ending, massive project.

With that also in mind, it’s also a great way for you to spot errors (such as misspellings, as you pointed out). Create bug reports for anything like that you see.

It can also be beneficial for spotting other bugs. Sir Bowen, who has been on a Conan hiatus as of late but still checks in from time to time, was a master at this. He found so many bugs and reported them by helping with the wiki, Funcom recognized him for his efforts with a Chosen of Asura title and award (now also defunct).

The point being though, by working on the wiki, he helped players two-fold. By updating the wiki, and by reporting bugs that are found. I do the same approach to my mods. I make mods to make fun free content for players. But it also gives me great insight and the ability to spot bugs as I work on them (along with player reports and such.)

So, anyhow, keep up the wiki stuff. Just make sure it’s factual with the current information as Force pointed out.


And 2 more tipps:

We have tried to talk to you several times in the last 2 weeks. 4 wiki editors have left messages on your profile with hints that your work breaks some essential things in the wiki. I’ve undone your changes and always added a comment about why it is the way it is, only to see that you ignore every advice and changed it again. The result was a 3 day ban (btw not from me). With a little communication it wouldn’t have had to come to this!


Good idea!

I’m glad you viewed the edits as my way of improving this wiki. Your comment about how certain actions possibly ruining a project has convinced me. I hope we can have another discussion soon.

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