Renaming of Pets

Hi all. I’m trying to reset my crat and engi pets names back to default and it won’t let me.

Originally I was using /pet rename Carlo Pinnetti and I got “Invalid petcommand”. Then I found out i needed to use quotes /pet rename “Carlo Pinnetti” and this worked on some. But when I tried renaming /pet rename “CEO Guardian” I get Nickname is invalid or reserved. Renaming both engi pets worked using quotes. So only 1 its not working on is CEO Guardian.

I found this thread from 2013 where Vhap said they were going to fix this in 18.6.1 but apparently it has not been entirely fixed.

Thank you.

hey hey :slight_smile:

There is a solution for your problem, but it’s a bit technical. If that doesn’t scare you off, give this a try.

Your pet names are stored in your character preferences. If you remove them from there, they revert to the default.

Step 1.
First let’s find your character id. In game, press SHIFT-F9. It will show the following information:

Extended location information:
-204.0, 211.0, 17.7 (204.0 211.0 y 17.7 500)
-Pf Proxy: Model=51100:500 GS=0 SG=0 R=500, resource: 500
-zone: 80, area: “Parnassos”
Server id: 3136, character id: 50000:158027, time: 2010-02-23 19:03:50 (UTC)
Version: 18.3.1_EP1, map id:, build: 48468.

You can see the bit “character id: 50000:158027”, which means 158027 is the id we’re looking for. It will be a different one for you.

Step 2
Second, locate your preferences folder. Close the game and start the launcher. In the launcher, click the settings button. Go to the GUI tab and click the Open button for the screenshots folder. This opens a folder in the windows explorer. Go to the parent directory and then open the directory named Prefs from there.

Open the directory with your account name. In there, open the directory named Char158027. Replace 158027 with the character id we found earlier.

Step 3
Your pet names are stored in the file Prefs.xml, which we’re going to edit. At this point I would recommend making a backup of Prefs.xml.

Right click Prefs.xml, select “Open with…”, “Choose another app”, and pick Notepad from the list.
With the file open in Notepad, press CTRL-F to bring up the search window and search for PetName1. You should see something like the following:

<Value name="PetName1" value='&quot;My awesome attack pet&quot;' />
<Value name="PetName2" value='&quot;My amazing heal pet&quot;' />
<Value name="PetName3" value='&quot;My incredible mezz pet&quot;' />
<Value name="PetName4" value='&quot;&quot;' />
<Value name="PetName5" value='&quot;&quot;' />
<Value name="PetName6" value='&quot;&quot;' />

Replace these lines like so:

<Value name="PetName1" value='&quot;&quot;' />
<Value name="PetName2" value='&quot;&quot;' />
<Value name="PetName3" value='&quot;&quot;' />
<Value name="PetName4" value='&quot;&quot;' />
<Value name="PetName5" value='&quot;&quot;' />
<Value name="PetName6" value='&quot;&quot;' />

Press CTRL-S to save and then close Notepad.

Step 4
Restart your game and verify your pets have their default name again.

If something went wrong and you accidentally messed up your preferences, restore the backup from step 3. Please feel free to ask here if you would like some more details.

This might be an easier option.
make sure you have no pets active, and type…

/setoption PetName1 ""
/setoption PetName2 ""
/setoption PetName3 ""

Then cast your pets, and presto, there names have been reset to their originals

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Thank you both. The /setoption one worked.

PS Saavick, I also that general method for setting certain prefs. For instance sometimes I get “item wear window” locks on items when i dont actually have any items in those locations (not the “lock equipment tabs” for all equipment option") so no way to disable the lock from within the game and. So I have to delete all lock options from that xml.

Glad you solved it :slight_smile:

And cool to learn about the /setoption way of doing it; I didn’t know that one.