Pets not following commands in smuggler's den

I got this issue with my MP. Happens when i have mass aggro, with most of the mobs snared. Pets are on /pet follow, then i order them to attack something. Normally, they revert to following me after the kill but for some reason in Smugger’s Den they just go and attack the next mob if I don’t do /pet follow again.

It’s been happening elsewhere too, but not nearly as often as in Smuggler’s Den.

Try /pet behind first, then follow. Should solve that problem.

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Thanks, will try. /pet behind alone doesn’t seem to work but I haven’t tried combining it with /follow.

/pet wait

If you have aggro from multiple snared/rooted mobs throughout the area/dungeon? Then those mobs automatically go on your hate list. Logging out and back in will clear your/pet hate list.

If you’ve got aggro you can temporarily wipe your pets hate list with /pet wait, but if you’ve still got mob aggro? Then the pet hate list will again tally all those mobs still on your hate list back onto its hate list…

I don’t think I’ve ever read or seen a developer confirm the exact nature of /pet behind. Does /pet behind command reset the hate list and then simply /pet follow in one simple command line versus two command lines of /wait /follow? Well, anyhow, I’ve always used /wait and /follow just to be certain.

I do seem to recall that /pet behind was added long before we had nano crystal pet warp - pets simply got very lost because the game AI or code or whatever needed some serious work and /pet behind seemed like it was added as a workaround for bad coding. I could be wrong about that - it was all so long ago.

For me /pet behind is usually working fine. The drawback is that in case u get aggro the pets are running away behind you. Thats why i do /pet follow afterwards which makes them stay close to me.
As a crat with charms, the charmed pets are sometimes acting weird even with /pet behind.
But mp and engi pets where fine.

In my experience, charmed pets always default back to guard mode after a fight, and spawned pets (including for example the crat droid) revert to the last issued command before the fight.
I’ve been playing my crat a lot until about last December and since then switched to an alt, so I don’t know if something was recently changed maybe?