Crat Charms, when u want total chaos :)


Would it be possible to adjust the aggro behavior of ur charm?
I do Believe as it stands now when u set it to follow, any aggro around it will trigger an /pet attack.

Would love a fix to their /follow command, tired of having to spam that button as i move through the missions.

Ty :slight_smile:

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Have you tried /pet behind

Ok. Main pet behaves like u would want. U set it to pet follow or pet behind. U attack target, target dies and pet goes back to follow.

Charm does the following. After an issued pet attack command ur charm goes into guard mode.

It makes for some interesting encounters especially if ur charm picked up some stuff waaaay back on map.

Dare i say pande?
xxxxxx: Alright guys…who brought this half of the map to us! Evac! Evac! Evac!