Renaming your Thralls :)

I do have one thrall named Channing Tatum so you know what goes on in my head. . . lol. I also had one with an ex boyfriends name, but that did not go over so well with my current one.
He changed the thralls name to buttugly.


@JJDancer , I won’t blame him, I would definitely do the same and believe me… I wouldn’t change the name, I would just brake bonds :wink:, or better make him follow me to the summoning place naked without weapon and healing and order him to stop following in the heart of the place :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That is what was so funny, it was his favorite thrall, and I did it kind of to annoy him. . . lol.
The WTFs!? just kept coming. . .lmao.

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Naughty girl you are miss JJ. In any case, he would meet the cannibals period.


I have a yamatai themed village as my base. I tend to name them after asian movie stars and characters. I have mostly dalinsias and beastmasters with some t4 volc and berks. I have thralls with higher status like general or just Legendary in front of their names like my samurai. Like Legendary Emi Takei. Most of the villagers are women. Higher status is better armor. Generals mostly have light armor that looks good together as regular clothing or templar armor. Samurai use warlord armor. I have a LOT of yamatai armor from the armor buff glitch where you could get up to 1000 armor on a warlord chest piece and so on. Civs use footsoldier and my favs get demon but no mask. I do wish there was a thrall customization station like the Orb. Place thrall in before you place them down and you can edit them. Only thing about my base is little diversity in faces aside the WB people.

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I have a pretty well established convention of naming pets & thralls after folk who swing by and say hi on my stream, but throw in a few exceptions.

  • My horse will always be a white horse named ‘Binky’ (a nod to Terry Pratchett)
  • I’ll generally name the first Greater Wolf that trots out of the pen ‘Belgarath’ (a nod to David & Leigh Eddings - gimme an Owl & a Hawk already Funcom, geez)
  • ‘Cimmo’ the Beserker commemorates an absolute unit of a thrall, robbed of a glorious retirement by a salty Fightclub contestant
  • Any Dalinsia that finds herself floating in the air will immediately be renamed Dalinsia Skywalker
  • Recently picked up a Yakith Pack Leader and couldn’t help but name it ‘Zuul’ and will probably need to run with that theme and run as a pair with Vinz until it no longer amuses me
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