Reptiles in the Dregs don't spawn in Single Player/Co-Op

Game mode: Single player
Problem: Bug
Region: N/A

There are supposed to be albino reptiles that spawn immediately inside the Dregs around the glowing pools. These spawn when playing on a server, but will not spawn in a single player/co-op game.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start a single player game
  2. Enter the Dregs dungeon
  3. Behold, there are no albino reptiles to be found
  4. Experience disappointment

Hm? There’s supposed to be reptiles of some kind down there?

Never knew that. But I’ve only done the Dregs in single player. Only thing I ever ran into besides the final boss was a few walking skeletons.

To be honest, I think it actually makes the place a lot more haunting. You go in expecting to run into something fairly early on like most dungeons these days, but instead it’s just empty. Nothing to indicate there’s anything alive down there save a whispered voice echoing in the tunnels, beckoning you to go deeper.

I was actually wondering about this myself. And here I chalked it up to some weird glitch with my run personally… Like the infinite spawn waves in New Asagarth. Have you ever seen an explosion of Goats?

Edit: Oh and this is not specific to Xbox btw. I’m running on PC.

For those folks wondering if they really should be there. They definitely spawn on standard servers, and they’re even discussed in “Adventurer’s Note #1” near the entrance.

They should spawn in the first area, but it doesn’t happen in singleplayer for whatever reason. Just another of Conan’s many bugs that hopefully will finally be fixed in time.

Hey @Megaton238

We’ve informed our team about this issue and they’ll look into it. Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

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