Request support desinch/lag

hi funcom I have a serious support request to ask you my problem is: an apparent desinch / lag on each npg and pg and in some situations the structures are displayed after a long time, as if it could not load the textures and every single piece created from other players, although I have the following computer: intel i5 4690k @ 3.50ghz 16gb ram dd3 1600ghz video card MSI gtx1070 4gb ddr5. P.S ping the server not exceeding 30ms, the server and your official server # 112, the problem does not develop on any other game you know give me a way to solve this serious problem? that prevents me from playing your beautiful game.

I’d like to get some additional information from you regarding your setup. This would be best done in a tech support ticket. If you have not already done so, please create a tech ticket at We’ll be happy to try to help you fix this, or at the very least, gather some information for our developers.

tanks guys after patch is game work corectley

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