Requesting assistance with in game issue

Game mode Singleplayer]
Problem: Bug

still am unable to see the stables before placing it, it places but doesn’t appear, ive tried placing it in different places even gone admin and flew around trying to place it. Evreything works just fine i can see it as normal and when i place it it places the stables doesnt, it makes the noise as though ive placed and uses it up.

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hi @Wuabkid, could you please provide a screenshot of the area where this is happening while also having the placement brush active?

Does the issue persist upon restarting your session?

I cant link a screenshot. I gave up trying build the stables, however it fixed itself at somepoint. And no restarting the session did not fix it, i even started a new game and that didnt help either. If that issue happens again ill screenshot whats happing, and try to remember if i did anything major beforehand, my issue now is the archivist not spawning. When enetering from the bottom however that could be a me issue not a game issue

That is not really a bug…but it is. If the archivist is not in the library, then he’s probably up top near the well leading to the archives (go in the library and look up. Hes near the hole up top).

Im sure ill find him eventually, thank you for helping out though. Great game very much enjoy it.

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