Resource Compensation

Let’s say you have ten foundations stacked on top of each other, and you dismantle the bottom foundation. You get the resources of dismantling the one foundation, not the whole thing. It’d be neat if you got the resource compensation for dismantling more than one building piece.


For God sakes yes, a thousand times yes. I did this by mistake and lost 32 steel bars.


it seems to me that asking for an improvement because resources are lost when demolishing, being the server x2 in collection would make the game very easy. you just have to think a little and first remove the foundations from top to bottom. and of course to make an approach with sandstone and not with the definitive ones. and respect to my previous post if you offend so quickly for saying that you have to think a bit before. I’m sorry but making the game easier is not the solution.I have played from the beginning as many others and suggestions as you are bother me a little. because we had to think a lot to be able to build and farm a lot when it was for x1 and it’s very easy now.

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Everyone is allowed to make suggestions. Use your head and never ever harass someone for something they thought might help the community.

:rainbow: Constructive Critisism :rainbow:


I pictured Spongebob with the rainbows. :rofl:


Yes officer, I’d like to report a murder.


Also during building damage time periods you should automatically get a portion of material back when you log in 24 hours from the time of the damage. It allows to get some fix-ups.

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If it offends to say that to think and reason (use the head) before making a suggestion, I do not want to think when I say that suggesting topics that do not go with the conan’s fictitious world is wrong. It could be that it was badly written but it is how the translator put it.

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I don’t need an excuse from you. I just want you to stop jumping the gun to tell people off when something appears that you dislike. These are forums for suggestions. They are suggestions.


It isn’t in the game, they are SUGGESTING it be put in.


I’d be all in favor of lower-level deletions giving back the recycling % for all the upper-level blocks that are destroyed as a result. Having to delete structures one block at a time is not only tedious, but it really aggravates my Repetitive Strain Injuries — a recurring issue in this game, honestly.

The only instance where I would not be OK with this is when a player elects to demolish a structure that has decayed into the abandoned state. That would just be ridiculous.


Flagging a joke now are we… Shouldn’t off-topic related comments still be seen if they don’t harm anybody? I find it healthy to bolster the mood. Especially when it’s aimed at two arguing sides. Sure, it wasn’t directly related to the compensation topic, but it is educative for the related arguments.

This type of flagging can divert some on-point comments as well. At least the site bot should name the hidden comment appropriately.

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Hey everybody,
Please keep it civil and nice :slight_smile:


With selecting things its hard to tell what is what.

If it can be coded to get mats from all the things demolished regardless of order why not. Its immersion breaking and micro management nonsense, if you destroy something you get a pile of raw materials that shouldn’t be magically biger or smaller based on something being coded weirdly.

If the point is to reduce material in game, or annoy players for not thinking ahead of time have demolishing get you nothing back.

Break down structures from top? instead of bottom?

I get the suggestion, But… it would have to be less return, and then you’d still want to break it down from top.

You don’t break a foundation, and get to collect all the non broken pieces that fell. XD (cause not everything is gonna fall unbroken or something)
You’d have to get even less back as punishment.

Punishment!!! why Sera!? Why!?

Cause if someone is about break down my wall, and I go and dismantle it. I get abunch of goodies back. =D
(even if less return)

I think its done this way to prevent something like that. I like idea, but on pvp side… not so much. (ish) XD

because if you remove one by one you recover the resources but you lose a lot of time in agreement. but if we accept that by removing a foundation you can demote the whole house and also recover all resources the game will be very easy. if we add to that the collection x2 we have a super easy game. And from my point of view, the only thing I see is that they do not want to waste time doing it one by one.

You’re darn right I don’t want to do it one by one. Repeating that mouse and keyboard movement hundreds of times in a row, makes it so that I can barely move my arms the next day! :rage:

Furthermore, I think we should support making it easier for people to clean-up after themselves, not making them just shrug their shoulders and leave PvE servers a royal mess.


in that you are correct. I’m tired of players who only dedicate themselves to building structures occupying sites and breaking the respawn of resources because they like to build. all this causes lag and that the servers are full of abandoned structures. this happens in both pvp and pve but you have to look for a solution because what is suggested here is for those who want to have the server clean but the problem is not those people but those who do not care about leaving abandoned structures.

and unfortunately the creators of conan although they put option pve the game at the moment does not give much game in that version and it is only to build. unfortunately there are people who are unscrupulous or who do not care about everything, they dedicate themselves to building not only their base or structures that they use, but they also reclaim lands using vaults, temples, wells and foundations. This happens in both pvp and pvp. You have to understand that there are people who do not like this suggestion or bother you like. because it seems to lower the difficulty of the game but I understand that there are people who like it. if they put it as an option of the server configuration it does not seem bad to me. and since we are able to put some servers because of difficulty that the game already has to be chosen, it would be fine.
I really do not play on pve servers because people are dedicated only to build and fill the servers of useless structures that only serve to give lag and occupy sites. and funcom does not provide more activities for those who like the pve, only add options for pvp. I have tired of suggesting that they add: real trade between players, a real farming system, a pet system where you can breed, you can get some kind of production and not only have combat use.

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