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I think it would be good for funcom to sell resource pack at the store … I’m a solo player and farming for resources to make star metal (never know when meteors are going to drop) plus other players farming meteors, then you have alchemical base which you need a good amount of for epics … farming for this and other things for building material and getting thralls to lvl them could really burn you out … would suggest a combine star metal and alchemical base pack that you could buy … it’s optional so it wouldn’t hurt anyone plus lots of rpg type games sell resource packs so it wouldn’t be my different here.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m pretty sure I speak for a lot of people when I say:

No thank you, we don’t want a pay-to-win game.


I’m playing on Official PVE lol I’m not lazy I just have a full time job plus other responsibilities so when I play don’t want waste time standing around for meteors while other players are doing the same just want to do the things I enjoy on this game when I have free time

I also happen to have a full-time job and other responsibilities, so I understand you perfectly. There’s a lot of grinding in Conan Exiles and some of it is downright nasty and frustrating.

None of that detracts from my point: pay-to-win is not a solution. There are lots of pay-to-win games out there and I’m happy Conan Exiles isn’t one.


A Man who stands as a Stone

I too have a full-time job, a family including a very willful 2-year old daughter who takes up most of my waking, non-working hours, a house, and a bunch of other things competing for the sad dregs of my remaining leisure time. I also (chose to!) play solo on an official PvE, ie the slowest, grindiest possible way to play. I have a base that is perpetually unfinished, largely because I don’t have time to grind the massive amounts of stone my ambitions call for. Well that, and I find myself doing other things when I do have time to play.

Even with all that said, I can say for an absolute fact that I would never, ever in a million years wish for this suggestion to become reality.

To get more done in the same time, there is single-player mode, private servers with higher gather-rates, mods - any or all of those can solve the issues. I respect they’re not for everyone (they’re not for me, for example*). But that’s the way to go, not P2W.

For the record though, I feel quite safe it won’t happen, either. If Funcom had wanted to milk this game for Pay2Win (losing any credibility in the process), they’d have done so before now, or so I choose to believe.

*still keeping the door open for Single Player, but not ready to throw in the towel yet.


play on an easy server. what.

farm the norneihimers and cimmerians, they carry gold, silver and starmetal.
it’s not as fast as from the meteor. But you won’t be standing around, and you can level thralls at the same time.


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Thank you for responses and same boat as you Mikey taking forever to complete my main base plus a samurai castle I’m building the grind on this game could burn you out at times … I figured I would get some backlash once I posted this but hey you never know unless you try lol

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