Respec potions and decay in 3.0

With the removal of attribute bumping gear and attributes playing such a huge role in your character’s function, I am requesting the removal of the decay on respec potions (yellow lotus and bestial memory) so that these can be stored easier and farmed in Siptah by looting 1skull bosses in a way that actually has meaning.


The decay and brewing time I took to mean to take the place of a effect cooldown. I believe this was done to limit constant reactive respeccing making commitment to builds and learning to fight within them pointless.

Didn’t they make the decay so fast so people wouldn’t respec during raids? Maybe FC has changed their philosophy, and don’t care about encouraging commitment to builds any more. But if they don’t take that into consideration, history might repeat itself. People will be complaining about combat builds sending them to the desert, and then respeccing and instantly stealing their whole base.

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