Respeccing too easy?

The fact that it makes it feel like builds aren’t an investment insomuch as they are just a thing you pick up according to the situation. I prefer games like this to have people invest a bit into their builds and I prefer that there’s diversity to how players have their characters built. It’s really fun to play in a group where someone is e.g. better at harvesting because they like to build a lot, or someone does a lot of damage because they wanted to max their strength… Now that doesn’t really matter; players can just change their spec according to what they want to do.

Usually these type of games either don’t have respeccing (e.g. Project Zomboid) or it’s harder to get (e.g. 7 Days to Die). I do think that having respec as an option is a good thing for this game.

Sometimes I use the terms solo player and single player interchangeably, but in this specific instance, it’s important to note that solo play can also refer to someone playing on a server but chooses not to join a clan. In that instance, the admin panel wouldn’t be available.

Oh yeah, very true, meant single player!

But builds shouldn’t be an investment, we already explained why they shouldn’t.

But this is not that game. This is your personal preference, not something that would improve the game.
This is a survival game with rpg features, you would have more fun playing in a certain way? You can do it, but you can’t force others to play in a way that would be just more boring, and even grindier, it wouldn’t change anything to big groups or people that just have a lot of time and it would be a pain in the ■■■ to solos and small groups. The whole system is thought in a way that forces you to change your build a lot.
The more you’ll play, the more you will understand that this mechanic is one of the few that is perfect like that :slight_smile:

Yeah this is how suggestions are typically made - someone thinks they would like for something to be done differently, and then they suggest it.

Everything is, in the end, about people’s personal preferences.

I don’t think it is. At least hard for me to see how that was the case. Though it’d be interesting to see if developers have specifically discussed this somewhere.

The limit on feat and attribute points forces players in smaller clans or solo to respec as and when needed. I’ve always been a fan of character classes and having a mixed group of allies with different strengths and weaknesses but I’m glad that this game gives us the option. I definitely wouldn’t want respec to be more difficult since I have, on occasion, made mistakes when spending points and needed to do it all again straight away.

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Yeah, I knew what you meant. I just wanted to clarify in case anyone got confused.

Why is there always someone on here calling for some nerf because it does not suit their game play, holy crap, so make it harder yourself for yourself. Do not allow yourself to go to the river to collect the flowers to make the Yellow Lotus Potion, go only on the second Tuesday of each month to gather them or whatever come to your mind that makes it harder for you, but wanting to nerf for everyone because it does not suit you is how the game gets more broken then it is with another nerf that most of the community does not want.

I do not care either way as I never use them but geeze can we stop nerfing things other players enjoy just because we can not find a way around it ourselves.

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I think you’re again forgetting it’s mostly a game designed to be played with other people.

The argument you suggest can easily be shown to not be enough on its own with a simple reductio ad absurdum. If it’s enough for players to just limit themselves, then why not have a weapon in the game that is easy to get and kills every enemy in a single strike? Why not give make the 2nd trait in Vitality give the player immortality? Players who didn’t like those things could just not use them, right?

So as you see, the argument that I should simply not use the potions is not enough on its own.

Except for the fact that there is a Solo mode where online isn’t required. There is a lot of conjecture in your statements to make you arrive to the conclusions that you do. For example, making it harder to respec will some how stop ppl from respeccing. It’s an artificial botte neck…

or an attempt to stat lock someone for a period of time based on 48 hours or some rare drop.

So again, I’ll ask - what is the purpose of stat locking someone temporarily that will make the game better?

The game doesn’t even have a confirm button, so if you were to accidnetly click a stat too many times, are you stuck with the wrong build until you jump through an artificial hurdle?


no thx

do you play pvp then you know its a need to use it every few sec for switching between fighting build and farm build

and pls dont ask for them to change something that isnt broken
it breaks the game
look att dodge now its sh i t

Well it is as this is how the game is designed is to repec when it is needed, be it for battle or gathering and if one part of the game does not work well for your game play then the easy thing is to limit yourself not ask for the whole game to be remade around the one thing you do not like. To be honest I really do not think I have ever used it, oh wait I am sorry almost a lie, I used it because the game made me to get a journey step.

Being able to repec freely is one of the main game features for many players so they can have it at will depending on what they are doing some times on the fly. I just do not think we should be wanting to change main parts of the game that many players depend on is just my point, easier to do it ourselves imo.

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This is an odd statement, since I never suggested that people should stop respeccing.

I’ve given my perspective of this in at least 3 comments now. Maybe we can stop repeating it.

Maybe you could view respeccing as adapting? The ability to adapt is a key requirement to survival. It might not be the solution that you were looking for but it might help reduce the frustration at clanmates changing atts and feats, their characters are just adapting to different situations. :+1:

I find it odd that you don’t realize that bottle necking an action to respec either through a time gate or by locking it behind a rare item wall shouldn’t be considered stat locking. If you don’t have the rare item or if you’re stuck with a build for some arbitrary amount of time, I would consider that being locked. You are removing choice while advocating for choice. None of your reasoning makes sense.

Okay I’ll stop asking what purpose this type of change actually serves other than you consider it too easy or that you have some perspective of what a player investment should be. Players should be able to respec, but not be able to respec unless they’ve jumped through hoops XYZ that you feel is just enough to allow for a respec. Got it.


I don think respec can be made harder with out ruining the whole stat/gameplay element attached to it.

They already made potions expire quickly…so you can’t leave your home jacked, respec for carry and head home… You make choice to got full carry weight as you leave knowing you could get screwed. =/

I would see point of increasing cost… cause we just back stock it even more… oh noes… 7 yellow lotus to 100? Guess I just add a few pots to grow more -_-’
Not like its hard to go whack them with sickle ether.

Or what? Shards of Power? Oh wait… I got 77 in storage… then you kinda shaft lower levels trying to adjust with limited stats.

Little reason to change how it works do to how Stats work. Specailly if you want to Bow one day, then spear next…
More fun you can swap everything around with ease.

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