Returned player feedback

This is PS, so no hosting. We do have co-ops saved. We (Yes, 2 of us) wanted to interact with other non-PVP minded players. There don’t seem to be many though. Probably due to things disappearing.

I’ll check later, if things still exist, for the event log. As I said, any time we aren’t on for 24 hours things go missing.

Ah! That makes sense. I never played this on consoles so I don’t know whether those servers are less reliable than the PC ones and that’s why this happened, but I agree it sucks for sure! Hopefully you’ll find out more from the event log.

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Your LIFE was wiped out??? LOL!!!
Well since this happens to almost no one ever and is exceptionally rare I would say it’s likely something on your end - some kind of pilot error. It’s extremely difficult if not impossible to crush bugs that aren’t reproducible. I suppose it could also be hackers I suppose… :face_with_monocle:

Yes, there are.

I’ve found this to be 99% pilot error indeed. It’s the angle of attack or angle of approach that causes it. You can roll-play that and it’s overcomable almost entirely!

Very true. And I doubt it will ever be fixed.

Let’s just put it this way: If the bug or troubled system has existed for now FIVE YEARS and FC still has not addressed it then it’s likely an extremely safe bet to say or assume that it never will be!!! Play around it or move on are the options at your disposal!

Where did they claim that? No! No such claims were made. Not one single bug that I noticed was ever addressed or even admitted to in any of the 3.0 videos and blogs. There might be some bug fixes but we do not know what they are. Correct me if I’m wrong and please provide links.

I tend to disagree. Yup, there are bugs and troubles but they seldom present themselves in a way that ruins anything. There is MASSIVE room for improvement in a number of areas (like the combat system and character control) but there are only a very few games on the market where this is not the case.

Only about 2 or 3% of my fun is ruined. OTOH if I hyper-focus or consider any of this “my life” then I suppose I’ve already ruined my own fun before I even start in on critiquing CE.

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I play on series x. I can host and use admin but, I have had small objects disappear like cups, bowls, and other decorations.

There were at least two bugs mentioned in their first live stream that they claimed to have fixed. The lance hitting multiple times in a single frame:

…as well as Teimos’ health pool:

Thank you @Multigun for the recap! :+1:
…or you can comb through the live stream yourself but I don’t have the timestamps:


Might be? There are always bug fixes in every major patch. Its pretty much a guarantee.

DaVice mentioned a couple, another you could classify as a “bug fix” is grass showing through foundations. That was also talked about in the dev stream (I’m not sure I would consider it a bug myself, more of a QOL thing. But there are people who have insisted its a bug for years).

Interesting (putting it nicely) to claim that nothing has ever been done in item placement for 5 years. A very wrong claim though. I look at the UE4 blueprint that drives item placement nearly every major update, and you are very wrong to think its never changed, addressed, or improved.

This is a common misconception with gamers. They see an issue, something that usually has multiple variables to its problem. Then they use a statement that’s extremely generic, such as “item placement is sketchy.” Then even though that could mean a million things, its used as evidence to back up their claim that it has “not been addressed.” Or they see a bug “return” that’s been fixed before. But in actuality, its a new bug, with a similar symptom. Doesn’t stop the haters though, they’ll use it as their evidence that “Funcom never fixes bugs.” (Of course they go silent later about it when said bug is fixed. Or they just move onto the next bug on their hate list).

Things like clipping inside “invisible hit boxes” while climbing, its so easily explained why that happens, and why it isn’t simple to fix (has to do with height map generation). And also, not even a big deal, its hardly game breaking. But it could be immensely harmful to be fixed now (player builds in that area will NOT be happy with sudden inaccessibility to their base because of updated collisions).

The OP sounded more like they were searching for things to nitpick. I wish the default behavior of gamers was more along the lines of wanting to better understand why something doesn’t work the way they want to, and less hyperbole of it being “major issues” and false claims or suggestions that things haven’t changed or improved since official launch. Forum would be so much more fun to engage with if it was about education and understanding of game development topics. But as we all know, the only thing that is allowed on this forum is torches and pitchforks.

And since I know how this forum behaves, muting this thread now before I get targeted with the latest round of bullying and toxicity.


Funcom’s issue for not explaining the decay system to new players.

EDIT: NVM, looks like an issue I never experienced with the game. (I only got things lost due to a rollback after a server crash once).


Hours of gametime (and his life). Slightly hyperbolic perhaps, seeing as all time spent doing anything is irretrievably gone no matter what but no need to misquote and ridicule.


Okay… two then. I still think it’s interesting that I can think of 50 that I run into at least monthly - none of which were mentions. There are likely over a thousand documented bugs. In my last and current commercial product involvement on a product with a bit more legacy code than CE, there are 2,600+ bugs and about half those existed in the past 4 major revisions - it’s just how it goes. But FC knows the number as they are numbered, logged, tiered, and prioritized - that’s just SOP.

Of course.

There you go again. You’re kinda famous for this. You read a sentence and interpret it in the most cynical way possible and then argue against that cynical interpretation - rather than the sentence itself or gee, maybe even the most optimistic interpretation. :wink:

But honestly no one cares… zero craps given. The system either works smoothly and robustly or it doesn’t - period. It matters exactly 0% to end users that there were 27 changes to the latching system between V0.9 and 2.8 - roof tiles still DO NOT go in place nicely or sometimes at all. Foundations still report false negatives regularly. Fence foundation as attached to foundation blocks still preform differently from set to set and are broken in general (actually that one was newly added when they “fixed” the stacking issue). Ceiling tiles still are not placeable in one (hours long) log session and yet a few days later place just fine. There are still MANY missing pieces in every set. etc. etc. etc. (yes, this list is VERY incomplete!)

I think everyone who thinks about it knows this but it’s not the player’s job to care why - nor consider how difficult the fix might be. BTW, I can fix it in a week of 10 hour days so it’s not THAT hard.

Yes, and good on him for it. If it’s actual quantifiable / qualifiable gripe or nitpick then he is doing his job as a player - above and beyond even!

IMO that’s a really strange thing to wish for. Players !== Developers.

Developers need to worry about why things aren’t working. Players only need to play. Exceptionally caring players should when something doesn’t seem to work, try and make sure it’s not pilot error before reporting it else report it in the form of a question. But players being players add in emotional content - it’s just a fact of life. Developers need to ignore that emotional content - it’s in the job description - and get to the technicals. That’s how it’s always worked and developers who can’t need to find other work - specifically: other work than game development.

Great, just level insults and accusations at the entire community and then run for cover. My goodness man, where are your manners?

Didn’t think I was. Just the phrasing struck me as very humorous! “LOL!!!” and all that… I need more intense smilies, is that what you’re saying?


Let’s go with that :grin: losing progress to bugs can be really frustrating - I still remember when a container bug deleted several weeks’ worth of continually farming recipes from the Unnamed City for me (deleting a container would normally deposit its contents in a bag - but recipes were not included, they just disappeared).

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Multigun is a player like you or I. He has an advanced knowledge of the systems in play, yet he has paid for the game as anyone else. The difference is his feedback tends to be infinitely more valuable because he makes an effort to understand what is going on, and can make informed opinions and feedback.

If you have feedback coming from players and it looks like this:

“Game broke, fix it.”

“Building placement seems borked because of these few values or commands in this specific blueprint.”

“These specific ceiling tiles will not place under this configuration, yet will place once you logout and back in.”

I can say that the first one is irrelevant and a waste of time and space. The reason why is for every weird building bug that you or people like the OP can claim to have. Many of us could say that we don’t have that bug. Who should the devs listen to? Without specific use cases, they may seriously take years and decades trying to recreate the bug.

When you strip out all the emotional content from most player complaints, the issue looks like:


I mean if I was one of the devs, I’d literally put a check box into the devkit that literally does nothing but it would be labeled ‘game fixed’ and post a screenshot everytime someone does an emotional response with it checked saying, ‘we got you, see its been checked, you got what you wanted.’ Because lets face it, when they don’t respond to the nonsense players use to try to communicate, they still complain about not being listened to.

Devs are not mind readers. And when players are just emotional, which most are, then there is absolutely no feedback to work off of.

You don’t need to download the devkit, or have a vast knowledge of developing video games and their processes. You simply need to follow the very simple directions given in the bug reporting section. Giving reproduction steps have been a troubleshooting step for issues in software development since its inception.

You’re not required to do this. But don’t expect your bugs to be fixed if you don’t. 10 players, 100 players, 1,000 players, or even 10,000 players complaining about a bug isn’t going to magically fix it versus a single player giving reproduction steps.

But the problem is the prevailing attitude of ‘I just only need to play’. Sure you can have that attitude, but you do so with the idea of accepting the bug you’re having as being a feature as part of your gameplay. Because everytime a player has that attitude, the devs go in, don’t see the bug themselves because they have nothing else to work with, and they get to go “no bug here, must be user error, moving on.”

Five years later, still user error. Good job.

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Of course!

Then of course ignore it completely! No one is saying otherwise.

and more importantly and on point…

…nowhere does the OP’s post look like what you’re describing.

Not sure why you took the track of stating the obvious exceptions as if they were the issue here at all - but okay…

Some issues in the game are probably Unreal Engine related so there is little Funcom can do. Although Funcom has imported backwards into the CE version the newer versions so things over time are now able to be fixed. This is probably how the grass is being fixed in 3.0. Have to remember CE was built on UE4.15 so there are limitations with the old version. And when things get imported, does not mean they automatically resolve old issues either. They will have to pick and choose which issue to resolve.

That said, Funcom like any other company continues to fix bugs and issues. Some may be quick and others takes time. Over the years, tons of bugs have been addressed (including cheats). This game has improved since the early version of the game. Of course, sometimes when you add or make changes, there are unintended results which will result in new bug fixes.

Grass was not a bug though. It’s a quality-of-life issue which is an improvement people wanted. Grass was part of the map so as the map doesn’t change when you place things, grass was the same. Resources are items placed on the map that function differently, since it was interactable object. Beyond that, I am not able to explain more since I am not that knowledgeable. Multigun or other mod authors could since they have more knowledge of Unreal Engine and the Devkit in general. I am a novice to both. Granted learning albeit slowly.

There is only a limited number of developers working on the game so there is a limit that can do. Believe me, when I tell you working on a computer software product, in this case a database that pulls data from other databases to calculate and spit out results for example can take months and not function properly for months. This is a work-related database product. Overall, its sounds like a simple database but it ran into so many problems that it took an extra 6 months to get it to work properly (at no additional cost to my company since we are the client, and it was a negotiated contract for a particular product. This is not to say there isn’t a new contract for additional requested features). I did majority of the testing for the product and noted all the issues, multiple times and still dragged out farther than anyone expected. This is just a sample of issues with programming at times. As I stated, this is nowhere near as complicated as a game such as Conan Exiles.

This is not to say some bugs in games are not frustrating. They can be depending how game breaking they are. Quality of Life issues are different of course and it’s a want/wish item but not necessarily a needed item for the game. Even ESO old lousy guild store UI, was a quality-of-life issue not a bug, no matter how bad it was designed initially. (We depended on a mod to make it functional for years.) Yes, they should have fixed it years earlier but I am just comparing the difference between quality-of-life versus bug issues.


I agree with this… I didn’t look at blueprints, but I think a lot of people don’t realize how this game actually started out in early access and how many changes went into every aspect of it on multiple occasions. For example the “grass showing through foundations” problem was “fixed” like 3 times already… and each time it actually got better… I don’t think a lot of players realize that at first literally every single strand of grass showed through that was in the area and over time it got “thinned out”.

As well as the fact that building placement went through so much…
Here’s an example from way back:

There is absolutely no reason in the world why that piece shouldn’t snap in place… and that was a very common occurrence back then, sometimes requiring you to demolish and rebuild walls to “update” them and it might snap a second time… Building a base was 3 steps forward, 2 steps back with destroying pieces to snap the one next to them being a common occurence.
Today a lot of that is absolutely gone and compared to that building is pretty “flawless”

The same was the case with items and yes, some of those still happen. On my last save about a year ago thou I couldn’t place a lot of things, while on this save I’m playing right now so far I haven’t had any issues, so there are definitely improvements, just slow and steady instead of one fancy solution instantly.

lol, that one made me laugh… the BUG :slight_smile:

The savages!!! stealing cups and curtains…

Anyway, in my opinion the game has come a very long way in terms of bug fixes and improvements. Obviously it’s far from perfect. I typically play it every 6 months to a year and then play it for a few months till I build up my base and revisit all the content. That kinda gives a nice perspective cuz I can see the changes in slightly bigger blocks, I think it’s kinda hard to notice them when you’re constantly playing and you only see one small update at a time.
The annoying pet bug that I reported thou!!! urrgghhh screams emotionally


And that’s actually still a problem sometimes - even today!


Lol, that sucks, I didn’t get it for quite a while. However what I was trying to say is that back then it was happening pretty much for everyone and all the time… it really was quite frustrating as you had to destroy adjacent pieces to fit new ones very often and then put them back in reverse order. Compared to that there have definitely been improvements, it’s sad that it’s still not completely eliminated thou

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Usually when that happens, I switch a different piece and return to that piece to place it. Or continue building elsewhere and come back. Just a glitch to me. Never had it where it stopped me permanently placing said item. So, I think this is lower priority issue for me for them to work on.


Yeah, that’s what I think too. Since most people don’t build too elaborately the problems aren’t super common, and when they do pop up there are sometimes work-arounds - so, yeah, these bugs take a fairly low priority. But that’s a shame IMO. Other games with building in them anything similar to Conan are on top of any and all building related bugs - like building is their top priority. At least true with a few other games I’ve played. I would want that to be true for FC too - but it doesn’t seem to be. It’s pretty frustrating when you have to change or give up on a design because the building system is broken to that extent. :stuck_out_tongue:

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