Returning after 10-15 years. o.o


I remember this game very fondly. I had to quit when I moved from middle to high school, and never picked it back up. Until now. If anyone out there has a soft spot for old players trying to get back into it, hit me up please. I could really use a crash course. I live in eastern standard, and I’m probably going to be available to play around 5pm-10pm my time.


welcome back :wink:

hpe you enjoy the game again :wink:


Welcome back :blush:


I know you’re not completely new, but check these out.


Awesome thanks. I may as well be, it’s been so long. I’m tempted to just start a new character and relearn it all the hard way.


Welcome back.

I do recommend starting at least one new character since there’s a ton of changes over the last 10 years. Especially with the new “newbie” island: “Arete”


probably will then. thanks


Hey there. Game changed a lot since that time. I advise you to find some active organisation - people in this game are very helpful. If you are clan, I would recommend Crimsons Assasins :slight_smile: Good luck in your journeys!


Welcome Back I Just started Back after not playing for about 10 years I got my GF Emerald to join me playing I had my first stream Today. IssacOzzman


@IssacOzzman1 Welcome back too :wink: