Returning old player looking for hud1-3 and util1-3 suggestions and replacement?


this is my current level 175 MP character’s gear:

(missing armor slots are luxurious armor that is not on

I am wondering if there are better utility and hud items available now? back when i played there werent many options. i have all the expansions so I can access any content. what are some must have new util and hud items? i remember my nano targeting helpers being really powerful but no idea how they still hold up.

also looking for a equipment planner like utility for making suits that is updated with current gear(auno missing luxurious armor set). do any updated alternatives exist?

also open to any other suggestions/tips about my character’s gear. just upgraded my implants/symbiants from what i previously had but am unsure if my summoned MP weapons are still worthwhile or if there are better caster weapons available? i am trained in 1hb.

thanks for any help. :smiley:

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That hud 1 item is probably fine until you hit 200 and can use the dreadloch gear, the OFAB shop LE Research HUD items are also a great shout for Hud 3. If you’re going bow and you want high crits though a strong VTS (Viral Targeting Subunit) might be an option. Those are obtainable as drops from Kyr’Ozch generals in city raids.

Other items for MPs can include Nano Controller Units made by combining a Disk of Cloudy Crystal with a Nano Programming Device (Requires a lot of Nanoprog) and obviously the albtraum ancient stuff such as the Ancient Nano Enhancer and Ancient Defenders (infusable with DB infusers from DB1 and DB2).

Items for lower levels are also available including for 175 but they’re not as useful as the later stuff where HUD/Utils items really start picking up. But you might want to consider grabbing yourself some S10 items such as the nano augmentation device. A Viral Communications Larvae is also a good bet for extra nano skills, which can be acquired from S7.

A lot of these items can be bought on the GMI if you have the cash and since you won’t be able to run S10 on your 175 might be a good idea. But those are some rough ideas of what you might be able to use to improve your current set up.

Hope this helps!


thanks! excellent post! found those both for pretty cheap and they are very nice upgrades over my +2 nano programming interface and utility light =p added and updated those two to my profile

now I just have my util1 and left wrist slots to fill now (both still empty/useless). I remember some shadowlands bracer I had that seems to have disappeared? anyone know what I am talking about?

You might be talking to about the Bracer of Jobe that’s given to you by Drake Rodriguez, this item was changed when the Jobe starting area was deprecated. You can get another one by talking to Drake at the jobe research area just in front of the entrance to nascence. It adds +5 to add all def so it’s not an entirely useless item, however you can get more useful bracelets such as Sandy Piece of Goo (drops from Worms, a good place to farm is the northern area of Mort) or the more recent Cyborg C.O Wrist Computer from The Reck a new area added reachable via whompah from Tir or Omni-Trade. (This is a great place for rolling daily quests too!) Both of these items are yesdrop as well.

Reck daily missions are available for levels 90-170 only

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Thanks for adding that! I just included it as an aside but the level range is useful information.

For Utils 1 you could consider an Alien Beacon or Alien Battery.

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is the mp staying 175 if so reck wrist item is prolly your best choice if your actually going to level to 200 then u might want to look into the db2 bracer

No one seems to have said it, but the replacement for auno is called aoitems

SL braces musth have meant Arul Saba

AOSkills 4 has almost all newer items but it’s missing some from very latest patches. IMO it’s better than auno equipment planner as you can add nanos to your setup and can setup skills your too.

Link in that Darkbane’s post (post #496) AO Item Assistant is also included with it:

There are couple bugs, like sometimes implant bonuses showing as double but that doesn’t happen very often. You also should close the program manually before shutting down your PC or aoskills doesn’t start up right the next time and you have to delete aoskills_prefs.xml to get it working again.

Yeah it’s a little wonky but IMO it’s still the best there is.

Edit: Has all items when updating database.

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