Returning player baseline spell missing

hi i am a retourning player, i transfered my TOS 3 years ago but don’t play him since last month.

When i log him, i saw missing a lot of spell of baseline …
Faith in set
charged blast
Lightning strike
Cobra stare
Set armor
Degradation odf set

I do a petition but nothing happen.

thanks for help

Have you checked on Combos, Spells and Special Abilities?

Degradation of Set was removed many years ago.


Have seen this before. GM might help if you’re lucky.

check if you have a page 2 at the bottom of your spells list


Maybe try this here, if you use the main UI, delete the Default folder in Age of Conan>Data>GUI and run the patcher again.

i make an other TS (53 actually) and he got the spell missed at transfert on my TOS 79