Returning player - BattleEye causes BSOD hehe

Thought i’d give CE a new go since its half a year since I played or something.
But for some reason, if i start CE with BattleEye (which i need to play online on offical servers) my computers gives me Bluescreen of death. Or green to be exact, since im an Windows insider and trying out a newer version of windows…

Anyone had this problem, and know how to fix it?

If I start CE with battleeye, my computer crases :frowning: Start CE without battleeye and its all good.


There is/was issues in the past with BattleEye and things like EVGA precision. I don’t remember if it ever resulted in crashing, but that’s my first thought.

Don’t think that’s my issues.
I have asus 1070 gtx card.

EVGA Precision is a overclocking software and is irrelevant to the type of card that you have. Anyone can use these software’s. Another example is MSI Afterburner, or whatever Asus uses.

Cheers for the tip.
I was using MSI AFterburner to monitor my cpu and gpu temps, but disabling it and removing it didn’t help.

So I formated my computer and installed “normal” Windows 10 1809 (not Windows insider preview) and now it’s working :slight_smile:

So, i reccon battleeye didn’t like my fast ring version of windows 10.

Have a wonderful evening!


…Now I just gotta figure out which server I used to play on …


Since it worked to “downgrade” my windows 10 to normal 1903 version, instead of windows insider privew, im fairly certain that was the problem with Battleeye :slight_smile:

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