BattleEyE is blocking my monitor tools that keeps an eye on my over-clocked hardware!

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Server type: game won’t start so who cares.
Region: again game WON’T START

i press start in steam, game “trys” to load, i see spashscreen for like seconds and then back to desktop with the error battleye “disallowed driver: PROCMON23.SYS”
now i’v got news for you, either battleye allows that or i want my money back from this game and dlc’s! that driver is NEEDED for my hardware monitor software that keeps track and EYE on the temps and speeds of my over-clocked hardware in no way form or shape i’ll run any game without that software, i will not risk a 4k euro gaming rig!!
WTF, why does that need to be blocked, seriously block HACKS not monitor tools, djeezes christ if you have no idea to make anti cheats then quit making it.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:


4k gaming rig should not need a constant monitoring of temps


Anyways! I’d recommed contacting BattleEye itself, since FC cannot modify what BE allows and does not allow. I’m quite sure BE can and will make your software to their exception list after they have checked it is indeed not a “hacking software” :>

when i said 4k i meant 4.000 euro’s rig and yes i want to keep a close eye to it as i run it very OC on top of having all the high end gear in it!
and yea i usually don’t buy PC’s in that prize range/class, for once i wanted to go over-board on my PC, and ever sins i got him i live in fear lol, if it breaks in no way i can repair it with the same level of high end gear, so i’m sorry i want to keep an eye on it!
and that said, i had a few close calls, where a game did something wrong and my temperatures spiked very high, if i had not seen that on my tools i would be a mess, right now.
and in general i hate when people make anti-cheat tools and have no real idea how to stop it and then deem all possible things “bad” sorry i can’t support software like that, and face it in witch universe did the anti-cheat banned a “private” cheat! only the public released versions get banned because they can get there hand on it and see what it does and so counter-act it.
personally, dev pay way to much money to the anti-cheat tools like battleye and punkbuster or what ever they called now, its a scam, ditch them, add a report system to your game and hire a team to check them, i bet its cheaper then to buy a licence for the ant-cheat.

btw: just to point out, all is running now on my system, even the stuff battleye “blocks” yet it does not block it anymore… its so easy to avoid its painful to see dev pay for that kind of protection lol, i’m so sad, that money could have spend a better way then to give to batteye team.

I know you meant a 4,000€ PC. Usually (note usually) high end PC can surive a temporary high temperatures and in most cases, PC shuts itself down before anything bad can happen. I “only” have a 2.5k € PC and I dont monitor it’s temps at all (also overcloked). Trust in your PC!

Anyway, good that everything is working now. Maybe BE had a patch and forgot to whitelist some softwares for a moment.

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