Returning player, love the game now but still has major old gamebreaking issues

I returned after months of break. I was suprised in a good way. The AI worked, the PvE was dangerous now. Thralls functioned, which made me very happy. Purges came. Everything seemed perfect. Light armor, medium armor and Heavy armor all mattered which was great. This was the conan I wanted.

Until I saw some major issues that still break the game. Issues that makes me question if it is worth returning.

You can still offline raid with glitches. It hasn’t been fixed yet. How long will it take to fix this??
You can still use multiple avatars to go through godshields, making godshields useless. How long will it take to fix this???
You can still build bases under the map or inside a bugged area. How long will it take to fix this???

These are very old issues that hasn’t been adressed. I’ve seen it multiple times in the patch notes that it has been fixed, but it has not.

It’s disheartening. I love this game, but this makes playing the game pointless. You feel cheated when the opponent uses glitches. I can glitch back if i wanted to, but I don’t want to, it is boring.

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