Returning player of old looking for a home

As per subject - and I apologize in advance if this isn’t the appropriate section for this kind of topic, but I found no “recruitment” tab and I had no luck via the in game General/Trade/Sanctuary channels.

About me: game-wise, I’m a pre-order TSW player, played for years till its final death-rattles, but had fun till the very end due to the Badgers 10k achievement farming community. Came back as soon as SWL as released, and had to take a break for a little over a year due to real life reasons - just came back mid-anniversary.Stats-wise, I’m a little over 600 IP, and admittedly rather rusty (though I managed to run some E6s without dying that much).
As far as real life is concerned, I’m just a guy in his mid 30s who’s always had a thing for all things “occult”, with a particular love for the Typhonian side of things so to say, so when TSW was announced, I immediately pre-ordered it, and here I am.

What I’m looking for is an active Cabal to run Dungeons/Scenarios/what-have-you with, but the most important thing for me is the social side of it, especially since it’ll be a long while till I’ll be able to do end-game (E9+) content (although I look forward to it, and one thing worth mentioning is that I’ve been playing MMOs since 2001 and I’ve never had issues with progression and nights of endless wiping).

If anyone reads this and feels like I could belong in their Cabal, I’ll be keeping an Eye of Providence on this thread; alternatively I can be contacted in-game, my main character’s name is Glockenlied. Thanks for the consideration!

Hello, and welcome back!

I am not in a cabal myself, but it’s worth checking the official discord, as they have a cabal recruitment channel, and also lots of people active on there who might be in cabals and can help out :slight_smile: Hope you find a good home!

I wasn’t aware of the discord, I’ll check it out right away, thanks a bunch!

Take a look at Agnitio if you like:

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And the League of Monster Slayers is still around!


Thanks for the replies, everyone. I submitted an application to Agnitio, so I won’t be cross-submitting another one to the League of the Monster Slayers - however I’m happy to see you guys are still around, and I thank you for the prompt reply as well, Trichelieu :slight_smile:

Don’t apologise for joining another cabal! You can just come and hang out with us as well. We do use a custom channel for just that, after all. =)

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The League of Monster Slayers rocks! Someone I was talking to recently about joining Agnitio decided to join them instead after hanging around some members. It’s all good. There are some awesome cabals in the game for sure. :sunglasses: