Returning to the game after a year. what change?

Poor Conan Exile this game as so much potential ruined by unfixed bug and broken mechanic …

Let me explain after a long break I’ve said to myself why not try it again??
After 2 day in the game i realize nothing is fixed or better than its was… PVP is now worst than ever, they broke it really bad. it fell sluggish and clunky ( and i dont talk about mounted combat …it’s just BROKEN)
-Game breaking-
**Found out how to crash server by mistake …
**Found out that 50 in all stat still a thing and very easy to do (this kind of bug should be fixed on the spot)
***old bug (very old one) when you use a war paint in your bar make it the executioner hood disappear .
and there more and more
this game is really dying and its simple it need love from the dev not a cheap DLC that no one cares …

I am really sad i hope this game will be great again one day

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