Rework perks for hralls

Okay sucks you level up 10 thrall in a row for them to get perk for damn survival, being that they usually have 60% strength and 45-50% survival, but finish level 20 with 30 ~ 40 survival and strength only in maximum in 20 points what the hell is this, what the hell thralls needs survival they’re not going to farm any drugs … sorry but this team of programmers know what they are doing? !!! those who in good conscience do it and do not see that it is an idiot, a thrall with high survival and will not going to farm, low hp and low strength, and the warriors who choose to increase accuracy and take archer perk hahahah what damn these programmers are doing, give up the place for someone to work for real please … fix this perk survival drug for thralls remove it they definitely don’t need survival… in Isle of Siptah is hard to get a level 3 thrall when u get it. the damn chose the damn survival perks i hate that… oh gentlemen programmers wake up, wake up let’s wake up for life, I mean for WORK!

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Pickup mod allows you to pick up a follower whose inventory is empty.
Basically it despawns them and places them back into your inventory.
Then you can place them again, though they are level 1 now.

Of course, this is slightly abusable as you can also use it to reroll their stats to whatever you’re willing to accept, then level them - but you have to have the tolerance for the time it takes to do so.

But it’s an option.

I like them having random perks, but would be nice that instead of only increase stats they gave them some AI behavior related to their class, ie. Faster shooting for archers, weapon specialization for fighters, more bag spaces for bearers, different dance effects from dancers, etc.

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