RNG and the trader caravans, or how RNG takes the fun out of Funcom

So I was all excited to trade for a fighter thrall. I imagined a good mix of thralls.
My first was a Janos, I said oh well, who wouldn’t want a guaranteed spawn? Right?
My second was Janos, my third… . . . . . .Janos.
My fourth was Marcos, Bane of Beasts ( shivers ) Never heard of him, but I am assuming he comes from south of the hand.
My fifth and six were. . . . you guessed it, Marcos.
I dumped the Janos, kept one Marcos, and dumped the other two.
So basically 250 Obolus wasted.

Really? Is this the best you can do FC? Even the RNG is broken. . . .


And another. . . .Janos


All i can say here is…
Thanks for the feedback! I had no intentions to buy one in the next days, so this info is precious! Just one question, did you try all the camps, or tgis is the outcome of a specific one?

Just tried the Pirate Cove Caravan…Marcos, Bane of Beasts…What a waste of a night.


For you, for them coming to your possession must be a night to remember… Lol, love you JJ, i really appreciate the feedback :+1:t6:.

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Marcos , Bane of Beasts , is a purge only thrall from the cimerean Beast tammer purge ( one of the purges that can occur near the mounds of the dead ) , so I wouldn’t call it a "waste of time " , even if he’s an archer witch isn’t the best I agree :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


Well apparently he is not rare any longer as I just got another one. His starting stats are about the same as an RHTS archer.


For me the headhunters are for buying real nice weapons for my thralls with little effort; and no mats.

To get the oblwhatevers to buy a warrior; named archer, I got 2 named fighters going after the sorcerers for the bounty to buy a named archer :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I mean, RNG is RNG. It’s gonna be good sometimes and bad other times. It’s pulling from a pool of 10 warriors, if the internet is to be believed. It’s not that strange that you got so many repeats. I’ve purchases five friends and only gotten one repeat, and that was a Dalinasia.

At least it is T4 everytime. I dont believe the idea is to build your army from the hunting. it is just a reward for killing scorcerers.

Now i do belive this sysyem would have benefitted from new items, thralls etc. The rewards are just a different way to get stuff i already have vaults of. So why would i personally engage in the newest mechanic is the real question.


Totally agree with you. Making a new T4 fighter is not too hard for FC. They’ve made enough of them for purges and surges - just mix up some stats, think of a good name (somewhat Ikea-ish) and here you are. If only there were some quite new faces, skin colors etc. that you can never get in the wild… dancer pale as snow with ginger hair and emerald eyes or fighter dark as night - it would be at least partly rewarding.


As far as we could confirm, there’s only a pool of 4 Fighter/Archer Thralls that can be purchased from the traders:

  • Janos (Fighter)
  • Dalinsia Snowhunter (Fighter)
  • Varpnir (Archer)
  • Markos, the Bane of Beasts (Archer)

(and a pool of 6 Crafters, incl. 1 Entertainer).

The fact that you repeatedly got the same two is of course extremely frustrating, @JJDancer.

By the way, Markos, the Bane of Beasts is not a Purge only thrall. We found him at various Mounds of the Dead locations, as well as at Stargazer’s Crest (no guaranteed spot, but he’s in the spawn pool).


Thank you for the precision , when he was first introduced with the riders of hyboria update and the cimerean beast tamer purges he was I didn’t knew he was added to the non purge pool later on :speak_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil:


I kind of would’ve liked some khitan high quality thralls. I think i caught some new voice lines from the caravan guards, maybe?
One of them said “You bastard!” Not sure if that’s new or just simply that i hadn’t heard it consciously earlier.

And we didn’t know he was exclusive to purges at the beginning - you learn something new every day with this game. :grinning:


I got Varpnir. I knocked him out, dragged him to the sacrificial stone and slit his throat with a dull stone knife.

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Ain’t that a fact… Still learning!

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On a personal level, this one does not like purchasing bulk of named thralls.
This one would much prefer if the pool of combatants was “nameless”. Treasure Seekers, Aesir and Cimmerian Berzerkers, that sort of thing.

Markos isn’t bad. Ignore the archer tag, he’s a named Cimmerian so plenty of hp and what passes for a decent damage multiplier now.
Purge only in Exiled Lands, appears as Markos the Accursed on the Siptah map.

The rates are sorta funny.
At least you aren’t flooded with Ovynd Tall Trees.

Edit: Wait! This one gets it!
They put a gatcha game in. That’s why the rates are slanted so.
This one jests of course, but it seemed topical.

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Simple RNG is too simple. There is no inherit randomizer. Most likely, the implemented function doesn’t spread the numbers evenly, that suppose to be RNG. :+1: :man_shrugging:

Theres a total of 4 thralls you can get , 2 fighters janos and dalinsia and 2 archers marcos and i cant remember the other one . But being allowed to only buy a dalinsia would be pretty busted , so i think this is why they went the RNG route