Roasted Haunch not Giving Growth Boost?

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [US]

Testing the boosted growth chance on foods for human Followers, of their preferred diet Roasted Haunch is the only one that doesn’t give a growth chance boost. I’m also noticing that Survival is the only stat that doesn’t seem to have a +14% boost food. My assumption is Roasted Haunch is supposed to be that one.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Feed human Follower
  2. Look at stats
  3. Look at growth chance
  4. Wonder

Desert Berries also appear to be bugged for Greater Bears in the same way.

Also there are 2 foods that give strength/vitality for human thralls (Exquisite Stew and Exotic Feast), one should probably be agility/vitality.

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I didn’t notice that even though I have it written down. Thanks.

Found that Savoury Flesh is bugged on Greater Crocodile, both Bone Broth and Exotic Flesh give 7% Strength 7% Agility, and Meaty Mashup only gives a 7% boost to Vitality and nothing else.

Highland Berries and Puffball Mushrooms are bugged on Greater Boar, and Shadespiced Amanita and Mushroom Stew give the same stat boost of 7% Strength, 3% Agility, and 3% Vitality.

Goldstone is bugged on Greater Rocknose.

Savory Shellfish is bugged for Greater Shaleback.

Hello @Irkalla, thank you for sharing your findings with us, we’ll be sure to forward this information to the developers.

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