Rocknoses should just be called The Cockroaches of Conan (change my mind 😂)

Title says all, so numerous, so annoying, always in hard to get places :joy:
Holy hell i think rocknoses are the pre evolution of cockroaches!!!

But holy do i ever hate Rocknoses, more then i hate pelicans (annoying squeak and annoying beak snapping sound)

Just wanna see who agrees Rocknoses are pretty much cockroaches :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The Rocknoses are the worst and most annoying enemies in Conan, so yeah I agree :'D

They smell of rock
They are loud as hell
They make you jump flinch and knock down stagger swagger because they stand way too close in combat
They drop stone (almost always)
They have friends nearby

Although anytime I kill one its like yay revenge is mine ** and then I harvest them, get stones and throw them away.

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It’s like the folks who directly develop said npc don’t experience that npc as a player to see how their new npc functions or works in the actual game world……some feel like they got slapped onto the map with no test

A good example of my real actual hatred for enemy’s and bs mechanics is npcs like werewolves, every attack is a knockdown with bleed, and after knockdown even if you roll your then froze for a 1.5 second.

Did who ever make werewolves ever run the actual dungeon with them?
Probably not as they’d probably stop halfway thru and think…”why did i do this to the players this is bs”

No enemy should be able to knockdown spam kill you with almost no way out

Kind of yeah, Isle of Siptah is the worst offender, it feels a bit like the Rocknose spawns are auto generated xD

Rocknoses are indeed annoying, but not as annoying as hyenas.

Rocknoses might be cockroaches, but hyenas are mosquitoes.

If Jhebbal Sag had repellents rather than lures, his religion would be one of the best.

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I like to emulate rocknoses on discord and the forums… pop up, make a noise and disappear.


Sandstormex with monsters enabled can give you a surprise with sandbeasts. Also pve+ ambush has a similar surprise factor.

I have an extreme hatred of hyenas so I have to completely agree with you.

As for the rocknose, I liked the way they used to look more than the way the look now. :woman_shrugging:

I kinda wish the new look was siptah only tbh

New version of them is abit better. I find myself stuck inside them time to time.

1st time I came up hill and saw them…I was like WTF… WHY!
But there abit better.

Hyena’s is…more of hate, they magically dodge my 1st attack alot. Get free hits over and over.
Snakes are on same list to… running attack tends whiff them.

Oh yeah, hyenas used to do that to me all the time - I think it’s the timing on their run in, they stop to leap at you just outside swing range - at least that’s what always seemed to happen to me. I found a new tactic against them that’s working lovely - while they charge at me, I just slowly walk sideways - they then miss their jump attack and I can get in several attacks before they recover. It even works against groups of them, you just keep moving sideways until the last one has done it’s leap attack. Sometimes, if you feel you’re moving too slow, it might be necessary to throw in a sideways roll, but mostly just starting walking sideways when you see them running at you is enough.

I have no solution to snakes though - I can’t even figure out what angle they’re about to attack me from, lol.

Snakes so far, is attack ground in front of me itill they waltz into it.

If they would fix lock-on… snakes wouldnt be that bad. It just auto-cancels instantly every time I try. T_T

nothing like trying hit a snake(or any enemy) as it chases your horse… never enough distance to get run attack… never fast enough attacks to hit them before they wiggle out of range chasing horse. XD

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Oh god yeah - I always imagine the Benny Hill chase music when that’s going on :rofl:

I love rocknoses. I always have, but like the new versions better. I get plenty of iron from the iron ones, gold from the gold ones and so on. I love the new look, and really LOVE the corrupted ones! They look awesome, and give great loot! I just wish we could get trophy heads from them.

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Corrupted rocknoses aren’t new though. The rocknose update only changed their appearance.

They have stupid amount of different resources. When did they look changed?

Because I’m on version 2.4, but waaay before that, when they added those chubby rocknoses, I got problems with them since their introduction: they don’t move, just slide around, and don’t attack at all.

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