I have an almost uncontrollable hatred for the pelicans in game…..whyyyy 😂

Holy i hate pelicans, and i dont mean like, little hate, i F***ing despise every part of the in game pelicans, their stupid sounding beak chomp, their stupid annoying squeak, the way they sprint at you like some badass (just to get beaten to death by everything)

I hate them so much………like uncontrollably, if i see one anywhere i now have to kill it, like i cant even control my urges to kill them and no enemy in 3 years has made me have this much hate for it

Maybe it’s because i lived near a few that constantly would spawn and attack my guards and wouldn’t SHUT UP until i myself went outside and killed them, if you didn’t do it yourself all you’d hear for an hour is “SQUAK” chomp chomp………yea i think that was actually it for me that broke my brain lol, soon as i heard them I’d liturally full tilt run outside in a rage looking for the little beaked freak

Anyone else have extreme hatred for pelicans or a basic enemy just because of its sounds or stupid things it does lol

It can’t just be me who really really really despises the pelicans lol

By the way i dont hate real pelicans, just Conan’s :joy:


Оh, and eggs fall from them? I don’t know, I got eggs from other sources, but if so, then this is the most valuable resource for an exotic dinner for thralls. I would be glad if walking eggs walked near my base))

Hit up a croc nest or any lizard nest with eggs and use a pick axe, you’ll never be the same after, trust me :wink:


Yeah, it’s one of those chalk it up to gaming things. I mean how does a pick make eggs multiply? If anything, tools should break them. Picking them up should be the 9nly way to “harvest” them.


I recently noticed you can also pick axe single branches on the ground and get a bunch more than the one single stick

Now if I could just get freaking mushrooms with my sickle on a even remotely reasonable rate I’d be quite happy, for me it only works like 1/20 of the time.

As for pelicans, which I assume are shoebills, those are actually real birds. If you ever come across one outside of the exiled lands or Siptah please try to control your avian assassination addiction


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Also they sound like a dude pretending to be a parrot.


Omg, I never noticed that. They are Marabous. This is very unsettling. I assume, some barbarian landed on Siptah and named them with the most complicated bird-word he knew.


Let us not forget who is the weirdest animal, that would be us!

…I once had Rocknose-sickness. My first big base had some Rocknoses around it, and every ten minutes they attacked my walls. And they spawned in a no-build-zone. Now at least they look much better, but I still hate the sound.

Ya… this is one of those things that bugs me.

On ps4 anyway, you need to be below object… So I can get alot of them. There several that once were sickle-able. That became untouchable.

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The Rocknoses still make me jump, even when I know they’re there, with that weird growl-bark thing they do the moment they sense you’re near them.

And let’s not even get into the Salamanders/Iguanas - I think they do it deliberately :rofl:

How did I never try this! (Well, like @biggcane55 said - why would I think hitting eggs with a pick was a good idea? - But still, I’ve been playing this game long enough to know these crazy things sometimes work…)

Interesting - that used to be the case when I started playing, then it got patched down to only one type of branch could be hit, then they went entirely. I guess they’re back again :slight_smile: (Or behaving differently on different platforms…). And yeah, mushrooms are the worst to harvest - even getting below them doesn’t often seem to work for me - always just give up, harvest a bunch by hand (then usually stick them in a box and never do anything with them :rofl: )


The salamander/iguana thing could at least be explained as possibly being a reference to old folklore that attributed a lot of weird properties to salamanders, among them the ability to exhale a powerful poison. So if those beliefs existed during Hyborean times, someone could see a big lizard hocking up toxic loogies and, knowing nothing of modern taxonomy, think “Hey, it’s a salamander! I’ve heard of those!”

Calling what are obviously flightless marabou storks “pelicans” however, THERE IS NO EXCUSE!!!


Looking on the bright side things could be worse, we could have geese in game and then it would all be over for us barbarians :joy:

Damn murder ducks


…While we’re on the subject of anserimorphs and Conan Exiles, gastornithids or mihirungs would be a pretty cool addition to the game as long as Funcom’s using extinct wildlife, just sayin’. (Probably more the latter, since they at least went extinct thousands of years ago as opposed to millions. Also “mihirung” just sounds cooler.)

Yeah okay mihirungs only ever lived in Australia but the game already has Cathartid vultures despite being in the wrong hemisphere so clearly anything goes here.

Does the crouch-and-swing trick not work on PS4?

Last time i did that, you stood up. Been long time since I messed with it… (don’t remember that ever working…=/)

I play mostly SP now, So walking away and back respawns them. So I just hit up good spots (that work) and ignore one island(s) on western jungle etc.

As of last update, the frequency has so exploded that I’ve gotten to feel this way about them, too. The population doesn’t make them more challenging; before they were an annoyance, now they’re a persistent annoyance! And I could just ignore them if it weren’t for that noise – it’s so maddening!

And when I have to get off my horse to butcher then and find no eggs, that’s pretty irritating. I don’t need this many feathers, and I don’t need pelican heads at all!

You’re right. I have never once considered the feelings of these beautiful living creatures. I’ll start doing that right now.

Nnnnnnnnnn – denied!

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I simply cannot imagine they can be worse than EA-launch-time Hyenas!
I would go out of my way to slaughter Hyenas every time, even leaving their corpses to rot unharvested to show my utter disdain for them.