Roll and Poke = ruined PVP combat

The roll and poke perk is so broken. Along with the perk and the combat mechanics of the game it’s basically the “go to” for pvp combat. It’s gone to the point where duel arenas are bouts of roll and poke all day long. Should put a 0.5 second delay on roll and poke mechanics so that people will actually try to get good with a variety of weapons as it should be intended. Also roll and poke perk is rediculous. It’s the go to attack move. That perk should be replace with additional reduction in stamina while sprinting and climbing instead of a whopping 25% damage increased and free stamina. I try not to abuse but its too good and everyone including myself uses the heck out of it. To a point no one combat any different then roll and poke or roll and slash. What a waste of all the other ways to combat.

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