Major game breaking bug!

Hello Funcom,

It turns out that after a NPC or plater hits you and you roll away, you will get stuck for like 1 second on that spot.

It doesnt sound gamebreaking, but it is when people spam claws in pvp fights.

I love the game, i love the updates. But please make fixing this a priority.

If someone kills me, its all good thats how the game is.
But it kinda destroys the fun if you get ganged up by players without skill with claws and the game decides that you should be stuck on a spot after you roll away because you got stunned by the claws.
To prevent being stuck and getting stunned again, you perform a double roll. Wich is eating your stam and you still will be rekt anyways.

How to reproduce.

  1. Let a NPC or enemy player hit you once.
  2. Roll away.
  3. Try to walk away, wich you can because you are stuck on the ground for a extra second.

Hi @Edjuh1992

We will pass this information over to the rest of the team.
In the meantime can you please provide us with a video of what you are seeing? This will help the team identify the issue a bit faster.

Thank you for helping us out in this investigation.

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Hey Dana, sorry i just saw your respond right now.
I will try to clip it tonight and upload it as soon as possible.

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Just an advice for that type of people that spams claws, show them a lesson with a good One-handed axe, don’t stop attacking even if they continue, your combo won’t be interrupted, it’s a good way of countering them.

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