Server 3552 two clans are using glitches during fights

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Two things happen when you fight them, one, you cant heal when you fight them, no status effects, just won’t heal, every time I used a Numbing wrap or golden lotus it did nothing, two, they use spears that lock you stuck in the air when they hit you. I managed to kill one, and the spear was showing a broken icon, and had a weight of -1.00. it makes you lag out like crazy when they pull it out to fight with it.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Are you reporting the players or are you reporting the bugs/Glitches?

If you are reporting the players they will do nothing about them. It’s an official server but they do not manage them to this level at best you may get it restarted but that is about it there is no Admin control on them at that level. You need to play on a Private server with Active Admins if that is what you want and you should be complaining to the Admin not Funcom

If you are reporting the Bug/Glitch you need to reformat the title so that it explains the issue and provide steps to follow to reproduce the issue.

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