Bestial Claws are brutally BROKEN and need to be fixed

Bestial claws need to be fixed, you can stunlock from 100% to 0% easily. if you try to roll out you’ll be catched, there is no winning against it unless you get them first.
Theres plenty of things wrong with combat but this has to be the worst I’ve come across. The claws also allows you to move faster than a player can dodge, its simply ridiculous. A simple fix would be to have players get knocked away slightly on hit so you eventually get out of its range, theres no other weapon that can stunlock you like this.

They are weak … you can counter them super easy with a 1h axe … the deal almost no damage against heavy Armor and cost a lot of stamina … the need to be buffed .

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Am I guessing correctly that you just recently encountered someone wielding these claws? They’re a bit different from other weapons, so fighting against them requires a change in your tactics. I don’t think they’re overpowered, but then again, I don’t like the way they work so I never used them very much myself.

The claws used to be an easy button but I believe they were already “fixed” some time ago.


The only thing that needs to be done to the claws (and really for most weapons) is a miss attack pause. Not lone, but enough to punish spamming light attack when you wiff.

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