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I have been struggling with this for a long time and have no idea what to do. I have a hexagonal castle (can’t post pictures yet, sorry), and the sides are triangles. I can complete the roof but every time the server restarts parts of the roof is missing (downward wedges only). My bf and I have tried pillars (as much as we can so we can still utilize the space below of course). Nothing is working. Pillars, walls…It is very frustrating and we’re at a loss. I find it kind of annoying I would have to fill rooms with pillars to get the roof to work given that would negate the ability to even use the room…
Any suggestions would be appreciated at this point.

Are they thatch? Or some other material?

This can be very frustrating, especially considering how flexible the building system is. In this case, it’s a matter of giving us the benefit of the doubt during construction, then during server restart when it checks the stability values, it prunes the pieces that do not conform. In other words, the piece actually going in is a visual glitch that will end upon server reboot.

Inverted wedges can be very tough to figure out, especially when it looks like there’s enough stability. Most times, if the piece won’t just flop in, there’s an issue with stability. Consider the inverted triangle with its flat top and pointed base: you must seek to support beneath the flat top. Visualize a wall built from the ground up to meet the blade of the flat edge of the inverted piece. That’s where you need to focus your support.

If the inverted wedge persists after server reboot while supported by this column of wall, you can find other more architecturally-valid ways of performing this same task. For instance, imagine pillars all the way up to a ceiling that supports a doorframe that supports the inverted wedge. Then you can build little niches up there with torches and those nifty grated Heavy doors.

magecircle . com / images / unknown . png
Here is a screenshot of what it looks like after the restart. I have walls going down the middle for them to snap to and any pillars we have go from the foundation to the highest celing. The repair hammer shows all the supports as 40 or higher.

Ill go through the build and see about the support at the tip, though. Maybe that will help is willing to try anything at this point. lol

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It looks lovely, but yes, I can see how you’re running into problems. Take a look at the spar in the lower left. Under the peaked roof, is that all triangle flooring, or is it just the veranda/deck that’s all triangles?

In that same section, one of the inverted pieces appears to work: what’s different about it :interrobang: :eyes:

Did not see it at first cause have not played for a month, but those roof pieces make use of the same snap-point on top of those walls, which is not allowed, and thus according to the “fence foundation update” whenever the server restarts, the game will delete one of them.

Only way to build your roof like that is to use the conventional square sloping roof or ramp pieces.

But why does some of them work and not others?
Is there a mod out there that would undo that fence thing? This is a personal server for just my bf and I so I’m not afraid of PvP or any of that.

I’m pretty sure that’s not how that particular change works. It gets rid of pieces that occupy the same space, not same snap point.

Well, we ended up using the square roofs so my roofs look stupid and unfinished on the ends but I guess its better than holes in the middle. Thanks for the attempt to help, though! :slight_smile:

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Bluuuuuue shaaaaadows on the traaaaaaaail :notes:

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If you extend the wedge ceilings on both sides of your roof into the main building, you can build the roof all the way into the roof of your main building. It will be a clipping mess inside the attic, but at least it will look complete and whole from the outside.

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