Rooted + Contortion + Reticle dodge = things go wrong

I’ve noticed something weird about this for a while but it finally killed me so I thought it deserved a bug report

  1. rooted - status effect applied by enemies that prevents the player from moving.
  2. Signet of Contortion - Occult talisman signet. “Active dodges break movement hindering effects”

If you move the camera with reticle aiming (which rotates your character) while you’re rooted, and then use Active dodge, your character dodges as if they were facing the direction when they got rooted. So “forward” dodge (shift+w) can go pretty much any direction.

In my case, it rolled me “forward” off the edge of the platform in Dark Agartha, killing me.

Since active dodge is the only way to activate the signet’s cleansing effect, there’s not really a workaround except “don’t touch the mouse if you get rooted so you can tell what direction your characetr’s facing” which due to reticle means not being able to attack enemies.

Another classic example of dodge misbehaving is during DW6 boss fight if you get pulled and stunned by Open the Rift cast, if you turn and then dodgeroll to get out of the AoE most times you dodge to the wrong side. The only safe way I found to do it is to start running to the right side before dodging.