Runes and Ruin (RP-PvP)

"Two years had passed since the Battle of the Jhumda River, yet peace was not known in the Golden Kingdom again. In the mountains, the Afghuli tribes moved restlessly. No love had they shown Vendhya in the ages gone before, but in the wake of the failed Turanian invasion, a new resentment had come to be kindled. Raids into Vendhya were plentiful, and women, cattle, spices and gold, often the plunder taken.

Turanian spies moved too, in the mountains and in the jungles, and it was whispered that even in the court of Bunda Chand, treachery had found its footing. In Khorbhul, the trade city of the Afghuli tribes, Hyrkanians swaggered, hard-eyed and belligerent, proclaiming their allegiance to Turan.

And from Mount Yimsha, that grim peak, highest of all the Himelian mountain peaks, The Black Seers watched. Those wise in such things said that rarely were the wizards of that mountain wont to interfere in the dealings of mortal men, yet more and more regularly came whispers of a red cloud, a cone of crimson mist, seen traversing the shadow-purpled slopes. Ever more frequently it could be spied, as some scarlet phantom at hunt. And for what purpose, none but the gods can say…"

✥ About Our Server ✥

Runes and Ruin is an 18+ story-heavy serious RP server with exciting quests, an in-depth economy system and a robust class system that makes character choices feel more meaningful rather than limiting what you can do in the world. Unlike many RP servers, our story takes place amidst several nations of free Hyboria, inluding Vendhya, Ghulistan and the Himelian Mountains–a feat made possible by our custom-modded Exiled Lands map created and maintained by Emberlight’s Dr. Nash.

You will find NPCs scattered around the world that provide insight into the lands of Runes and Ruin with evolving, story-focused quests that make sense IC. We seek to create a ‘living world’ where things don’t simply remain stagnant all season–prices on vendors may change with turmoil in the landscape, new NPCs may present unique time-limited quests and the choices you make during quests actually matter–coming back to bite you (or reward you) later on!

Our economy system seeks to offer you something to do in between RP, with many resources being able to be sold for coin and novelty goods such as decorations being sold from our major cities.

We have three lore-identifiable Admin-built cities that serve as both RP hubs and focus points for the server’s ongoing story. You are welcome to rent your own private dwelling or shopfront in Peshkhauri, Khorbhul or Bastahar in addition to building your own base elsewhere.

We offer generous building and decoration limits as well as starter kits and level boosting to help you begin your journey. We also offer a unique opportunity for trade RP by allowing you to level mounts, pets, and thralls and then trade them to other players with their stats intact.

As our server’s setting is not ICly based in the lawless wilds of the Exiled Lands, we do not consider ourselves to be a heavy-PvP server. However, we have balanced PvP, theft, spying, and raiding rules and welcome players who wish to use conflict to drive story rather than just steamrolling RPers with game mechanics.

Additionally, we allow the use of game mechanic sorcery to be used OOC, and players interested in playing a sorcerer IC simply need to complete our special application and be approved by our story team.

We put RP first and are building a community of players who enjoy a low-fantasy setting where any displays of magic are rare and meaningful–and who wish to engage with each other to create sprawling story arcs set in free Hyboria rather than the exiled lands. We are looking for players who are interested in becoming a part of a new and exciting server community with a bright future ahead. We’d love to have you!

✥ More Information ✥

  • Name of Server: Runes and Ruin (RP-PvP)

  • Map Played On: Exiled Lands (Modified)

  • PvP Enabled: Yes. Our combat system is robust, favoring mechanical PvP while also providing options for people who prefer dice combat. Full rules can be seen here.

  • Perma-death: No. While there are ways for characters to be killed through RP, we are a consent-heavy server and do not consider characters dead based on game mechanics.

  • ERP Culture: Allowed but not the focus of the server. We are a mature 18+ community and while adult/sexual characters and storylines are welcome, we do not consider ourselves an ERP server.

  • Age Restrictions: 18+, full nudity.

✥ Rules Overview ✥

  • All members are required to join our Discord server.
  • Characters should be lore-adherent and fit the server landscape.
  • Be courteous.
  • No slurs, hate speech or bullying.
  • Keep hot-button real world issues out of public chat spaces.
  • LGBTQIA+ inclusive community.
  • No harassment.
  • Don’t escalate arguments with others. Ask Staff for help.
  • Leave previous drama with other servers and players at the door.
  • Don’t make your fellow members uncomfortable.
  • Three-week inactivity purge for players and clans.
  • One alt allowed per member.
  • No metagaming or godmodding
  • Consent-based. Ask before taking liberties IC.

✥ Specifics ✥

  • XP rate: 5.0
  • Harvest Amount Multiplier: 1.5
  • Day Cycle Speed: 0.1
  • Day Time Speed: 0.5
  • Night Time Speed: 0.4
  • Dawn/Dusk Time Speed: 1.0
  • Catch-Up Time Enabled: No
  • Hunger/Thirst settings: 0.1
  • Logged Out Players Remain In World: No
  • Drop Equipment on Death: No
  • God Avatars Enabled: No
  • Purge Enabled: No
  • Sandstorm Enabled: No
  • Containers Ignore Ownership: Yes

We require that all prospective applicants first join our Discord server before submitting their application. For the sake of transparency, however, our application questions are as follows (additional requests for information may be required):

  1. What is your Discord ID and Steam ID?
  2. Are you 18+ and have you read our rules?
  3. Tell us a little about your character.
  4. Is your character famous or powerful?
  5. Please provide a small RP sample.
  • Server Lore: Heavy Robert E Howard lore, no fantasy or custom races (in addition to not allowing Pict or Yamatai characters due to our setting). Server setting takes place amidst several free nations of Hyboria (Vendhya, Ghulistan, Turan, Himelian Mountains) and no players on our server are in the Exiled Lands IC with slave bracelets. In addition, we use a custom server mod created by Dr. Nash that removes overt fantasy creatures such as rocknoses, skeleton NPCs, etc while providing other unique lore-friendly features.


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Our first monthly Nomad Market was a resounding success!

Players were afforded the opportunity to mingle ICly with characters they may not normally encounter during their travels as well as to purchase a number of rare weapons and furnishings on offer from our Admin vendors.

In addition, individuals and clans alike walked away with their purses considerably heavier after a day’s trading with their fellow citizens!

The Nomad Market will return next month with more exciting and exclusive rewards! So if you’d like to participate in a RP server with a unique and thriving economy system, join us today!

We continue to grow! We’re excited to announce our upcoming Arena function–an opportunity for players to contend with formidable foes in a bid to earn lucrative awards including exclusive weapons and armor!