Running dev kit in dedicated server mode work around

Running dev kit in dedicated server mode work around

This is a post copied from discord. It was the only place I could, after some time,
find a way to test our mods for updating as we like to ensure they will run smoothly online.

My suggestion is to please post this in the wiki. Discord is too challenging to get an actual timely factual answer. It requires at the very least a title and description and to be posted specifically in a modder’s area. It would help to foster friendly helpfulness in the modding communinty.

For those who want to get rid of manualy entering the open … comand every time. 1. Create a new Actor Component. 2. Give that AC a unique name!!! <- THINK ABOUT THE NAME… <- Is in REALLY UNIQUE? If you aren’t sure add some numbers! :smiley: (the unique name doesn’t realy matter, but in case someone forget to remove that AC before cooking… and someone else do the same and use the same name… ) 3. Open that new Actor Component. 4. Add the following:

[ 12:18 PM ]

The event Open IP is an EDITOR event. They are excluded from cook. <- thats also for "safety reasons!!!

[ 12:19 PM ]

[ 12:19 PM ]

4.1. No replication needed.

[ 12:20 PM ]

5 Open your modcontroller.

[ 12:21 PM ]

Add the following setting in your class defaults.

[ 12:21 PM ]

[ 12:21 PM ]


[ 12:23 PM ]

This doesnt solve the issue pointed by @Senja but: 1. you dont need to enter “Open” … anymore. 2. The Client is connected asap.

[ 12:28 PM ]

AND JUST IN CASE YOU WANT TO REMOVE THAT FIX LATER!!! 1. Open the ModController and remove the setting shown in the last picture. 2. Save + Compile 3. RESTART Devkit <- thats important because the Engine (its the engine not the devkit) updates dependencies only at startup 4. Rightclick your AC containing the “fix”. 5. Select Show references. 6. You should see your AC but NO link to the modcontroller. 7. If the modcontroller isnt shown there,… delete the AC.

Thank you

Wiki is editable by anyone.

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