Sacrifice table


Love the sorcery update, however in my opinion the sacrifice table is too slow to get us sacrificial blood and the human sacrifice is a bit too much immersion for my taste and… I’m all for the gory hollywood movies and such but this brings me a little too close to the action in human sacrifice. just sayin’.

Let us place Sorcerer thralls on those sacrifice tables and all we have to do is load them up with “volunteers”.

Then the truly dark sorcerers can do the deed.


And meanwhile you feast on the latest captured Derketo dancer, I suppose…? :smiling_imp:

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mass sacrifices weekend


my boy

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I can’t share your opinion at all, I’ve been waiting a really long time for Funcom to finally add something exciting.

I think they could add more stuff like that, after all it’s a barbaric age where survival is at stake.
Always handing over each task to someone else is just boring.


It’s an alternative.
While we mass produce our 40x human blood for a major PVP battle using Sorcerers, you can still enjoy your moment watching the victim bleeding slowly drop by drop all by yourself.
They can co-exist.

Campaign Sacrifice Table!
Now with 500% craft speed and a nifty conveyor belt to feed it those pesky Exile I thralls! Fully automated!
Priestking technologies - enjoy your lovely iced tea while we handle the messy details for you!

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I sense a Satisfactory Conan Exiles crossover event on the horizon. :grin:

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