Sad about the apparent loss of the Heroic Treasure Ambushers

If you recall, Chapter 2 of the Age of War introduced the mechanic of the ambushers who would appear whenever a player was walking a Heroic Treasure back to their coffer. It was a fun mechanic that added a bit more challenge to the task and also offered opportunities for loot and low-level thralls (although some named could be acquired this way).

Well, it appears as though these Ambushers are gone. With no fanfare (something that seems to be a thing now), these attackers seem to have been removed from the game. Several of my friends used to enjoy farming this activity, but over the last few days they have come up completely dry. No one I know has seen them in the game since Chapter 3 drops?

Has anyone encountered the Ambushers?

If they have been removed, I am sad. They were fun. And I also have to wonder why a feature of Chapter 2 was so quickly abandoned. If there were some kind of technical issue, I would have thought that it would have been mentioned somewhere.


Noticed the same thing yesterday

Im assuming a bug. The removal wasnt mentioned in the patch notes to my knowledge

This one likewise has not seen any for a few weeks.
Very unfortunate, but is it intentional or just part of the… patch incoming nature of Chapter 3?

yah i was pretty ticked about it as well, since i made a whole roster of new NPCs for map mod that could only be gotten through doing the treasure ambush.
but so much of chapter 3 has left a sour taste in my mouth, i haven’t opened the devkit or played the game lately, so it’s just one more turd on the sandwich.


Noticed this the other day. Hope it is only gone temporarily as it was a fun activity, trying to get a statue back to base.

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