Safe Zone on PVP servers

Hello everyone,

I am making own server so I am not sure what too pick. If I should go for PVP server or PVE conflict server. Is there possibility to make safe zones where no one will be able to raid any buildings on that part of the map?

No such thing as safe zones in PVP. Timed PVP is the only option. Personally due to timezone differences i prefer servers that don’t restrict pvp, but your server your rules.


PVP only during weekends. Depending if i can setup server that killing other players available from x level or any time, anywhere… but raiding places only possible during the weekend. Which is fair I think.

Everyone will have time to have base, most of us will be available during the weekend. What do you think?

i don’t think you can alter settings the way that lower levels are protected or so. Or it would be a mod, maybe, if doable.
Pippi mod has safe-zones under development, as privat server owner you can easily add mods, and you may check out this possibility. But like said, it’s still under development

But yes, week-end may be fine for your player-base. Again, this depends the people and theyr likening. You’e choice.
If you have a active player-base, you can still ask them.

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