Saga of Zath Feedback


I am nearing the end of the Raid progression for my Saga character and I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey from Level 1 to the end. Starting over on a new server with nothing does breathe new life into the game, and this event helped pull back many lapsed players into Age of Conan.

What I would like to see next is a PvP-focused server, as has been already suggested. The PvP theme would make the Saga server a more community/Guild focused effort from beginning to end.


T6 was cleared in a matter of weeks (days even). Then those people that finished T6 all left. Most others milked RF. Nothing more. That is/was the dynamic of your ‘Saga Server’.

The fact that you are reaching out for ‘feedback’ demonstrates your (Funcom) inability to observe simple dynamics in a system.

You want feedback Funcom? - open your eyes and apply yourself accordingly.


The saga server was more than a new limited time server. It was a way for funcom to gauge the interest left in this game and to bring some new and old players back. So the main feedback I’d give is unique limited time events that give players a way to gain some rewards they might not other wise gain is a good way to keep the player base engaged. I personally haven’t played since 2012 when at the time I played a significant amount. This event brought me back and a few of my old guild mates. I even signed up for a 12 month sub because I’m enjoying my time playing again and want to support the game.


RF wouldn’t kill off 6-mans and T4 raiding if it were limited to T3 relic reward level. The simple change of eliminating SR4 relics rewards from RF would return faction gear to relevance while allowing new or non-guilded players the opportunity to get “good” gear.



so I just hit lvl 80 today, was able to finish my Destiny quest and one RF. I just came back to AoC a few weeks ago so I had to pretty much rush through everything but it was totally worth it.

I generally enjoyed the Saga Server a LOT! Definately a great time to come back to the game.

For the next Saga Server (I hope they’re going to make one) I’d love to have something like a permanent 500% exp bonus because my fingers bleed from grinding Villas. :wink:

So good job there Funcom!

Goodbye and farewell Saga

New weekly dungeon quests.

  • Gives RF shards at completion
  • 3 random dungeons per week to complete

imagine how nicely this would affect the envirement ingame :slight_smile: having people constantly searching for dungeons on all alts.


I like that idea!


Saga server was alot of fun. I loved seeing players I haven’t seen in years return to game and leading some fun raids. I loved seeing all the dungeon runs and raids at all levels before they added RF , which of course pretty much killed that.

As for people complaining they couldn’t complete their quest look to yourselves. I saw so many vets and entire guilds trying to help people complete those quests.

I watched the same people complaining in global daily, first about lack of power levels, then when they got pl to 80 lack of RF, then proudly proclaim how they hate elitist prig guilds and won’t bother to join so and sos raids that were forming. While waiting for RF to come to Saga they snarked in global how they couldn’t be bothered to come to t1 t2 t3 raids or 6mans since raid finder was coming. Perhaps if they had done any of those they might have learned mechanics of their class and been more successful at completing their quest later in their “own” raids.

Instead they went on to spend the last two weeks of Saga complaining they will never get their quest done because of elitist prigs and non-helpful vets.

There was an abundance of help on Saga for the willing. There were entire raids of vets clearing raids to needed bosses; dropping raid and then bringing in people who weren’t in guild ,people they had just met , random people from global who had been looking to finish quest , to fill their slots. Leaving just the required number of vets to ensure boss was taken down.

In many of these raids the bosses were downed by 13-15 who knew mechanics or were willing to listen and learn, while the others were carried.

Many of these raids took hours at final boss bc so many were carried. I never saw anyone singled out or kicked even though it was quite clear they had never done the actual raid mechanics just rf.

I watched people being helped actually go afk in these raids making pulls take a long time. I listened to raid leaders patiently explain mechanics to “new” players only to be roundly ignored when fight started, and still no one was kicked and people got carried to getting their quests done.

What I also saw in the same raids were people who had never done the actual raids listen and learn and get really excited about being able to learn the fights and down a “real raid”.

I want to give a shout out to all the players on Saga that had never done " real" raids, were new players, or vets gone so long everything was new again. So many of you asked questions, asked about builds asked about mechanics and every one of you I met gave everything your best shot. The comedies of error in some of those Khitai 6mans rank as some of my best Aoc moments. It was a pleasure raidng with you from some very bad but fun as hell and funny T2s to watching you down all your Saga bosses. You guys brought a lot of fun back that’s been missing for me, for a many years.

Minus the addition of RF I think Saga was a good thing for many people.


I enjoyed my time on Saga server a lot.
In the end most people turned out to be friendly and helpfull.
And i totally agree with Freya.

And indeed adding the RF was the biggest misstake that was made.
Change the “1 RF kill” to “Kill all T1 Bosses” and you don’t need the RF.
If you want people to get gear fast: Change raid reset from 1x per 168 hours to 1x per 84 or 56 hours.