Sand/Snow Tessellation Displacement (Footprints in the snow)

In a earlier Dev Diary, a developer mentioned the technology used for sand footprints and dust particles to dynamically react when they occur in the world which you can notice a lot in the desert as it always happens. The following video here if you watch from 1:27 to 1:56 you will see Fredrick Richardson (Chief Technical Officer) explaining how this can be used to also create water simulation and snow.

So does that mean the snow in the North is made differently compared to the sandy areas in the south?

My question is how come we have never come across leaving our footprints in the snow even though the technology to implement this already exists? Will this be something you will have implemented by post or pre-launch or never?

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if i remember my 2frame/sec when i toggle ultra, there is some aera in the desert that leave footprints, never tried in the snow tho, that’s way too cold up there !

Don’t quote me on this, but I believe on Testlive the NPCs (uncertain of animals) do in fact leave footprints in the sand. As for snow? I do not know, but it would be logical to conclude that snowprints will be making it into the game at some point.

@Callisis_Kemtep @Bourgmestre Perhaps my explanation was not good enough . I am aware it already exists in the game for the Sandy areas but I am questioning why we do not have this implemented for the snow area.

Seems like this has been added in now on the 28/03/2018 Testlive. Footprints in the snow now show.


so good to know, now nordeim will have wet feet and be finaly sick in rp xD

Yes, always a +1 for immersion :smiley: