Sandstone Fences & Sandstone Stairs,A Suggestion

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So I took a break from playing thanks to some new games from Christmas. I had been playing this up until I got Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and more recently God of War. But I decided to give that a break and check to see if anything was new in Conan. I was hoping for a new update that addressed some issues on PS4. The most aggravating being the stability,which still isn’t any better. Still lags and stutters,maybe slightly better since the last update,but I say that loosely. Hopefully the next update finally fixes that issue as it should be a top priority.

But anyways,that’s not why I decided to visit the forums and well,make this thread. I bought Conan Exiles mainly for the building and crafting aspect. Something that I could play whenever and relax while gaming. I don’t play online so I have been playing offline. Now the last couple of days I’ve been doing some remodeling of my base and adding new stuff. I finally decided to build myself a trebuchet. I built it up on a hill behind my base. Built some sandstone stairs leading up to it as well as to the lower ground off to the right on my base. I’ve used sandstone foundations,sandstone fence foundations,left/right sloping walls,and sandstone fence. Built a small sandstone deck which is 3 sandstone foundations wide and deep. Off the center sandstone foundation at the back I have placed 2 sandstone stairs to make one set of stairs. There is a single sandstone foundation at the top which then leads to another set of 2 sandstone stairs. At the top of those stairs is another set of 2 sandstone stairs and at the top some sandstone foundations leading to my trebuchet.

Off the front right sandstone foundation on my deck is a couple sets of stairs leading down to the lower ground off to the right of my base. There is sandstone stairs that take you to a walkway about 3 sandstone foundations that lead to 2 sets of stairs,at the bottom is a single sandstone foundation.

I have sandstone fence foundations on the sides of all my sandstone foundations and sandstone left/right sloping walls on each side of stairs. Around my deck which is on the same elevation ground as my base I have sandstone fence. The short and longer walkways I also have sandstone fence. Basically acting as a railing so you don’t fall off. Now to get to the reason why I came to post this. The above was to give you a visual of what I built without actually showing you. As you can visualize there isn’t anything on each side of the sandstone stairs sets acting as a railing. Obviously it looks stupid because of the gap between the walkway sandstone fences. So that got me to thinking. What if we had sandstone fences that could be placed on each side of the stairs to fill in that gap? They would have to be placed on the left/right sandstone sloping walls that can be placed on the sides of stairs. This would create a solid railing around the deck,walkways,and stairs. So I would like to make this as a suggestion as part of the building aspect of Conan Exiles. If I could add a screenshot I would but being a new user I’m not allowed. But what do you say Funcom?



I have upped your trust level, should be able to post pictures now!

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I like this idea. The railed stairs right now don’t really keep you from walking off the side(as far as I know), plus they’re kind of small for hand rails in my opinion.

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Agreed, we absolutely need stair railings, and they should definitely have collision so that they actually ACT like railings. The fact that we can run clear thru the railings on the Yamatai and Frontier stairs literally adds injury to insult.

At present, the only way to make functional stair railings involves an absurd amount of effort using walls, sloping walls, and the like. While effective, it ends up blocking the scenery not to mention taking 10x the time and resources as if we could actually just slot in some slanted fences.

EDIT: Additionally, I suspect construction like this is probably only feasible on PvE or friendly PvP servers since it requires so much time and effort to construct in comparison to a simple fence piece, and that’s really not fair to everyone else.


Yes, I agree that railings like these on the stairs or a part we can place on stairs with no railing will be a nice addition to the game.


Hey Everyone,

Sunstar thank you for upping my trust level. I appreciate it.

Okay so here is a section I was talking about. As you can see I have a gap along my sandstone stairs. It is not aestheticly pleasing to look at. But some sandstone fence that could be placed to match up with the others would do the trick.

I have not started to build with the other types available. One because I haven’t unlocked them and because of the amount of materials required. So I’m still using the basic materials to get more familiar with what I can anf can’t do. I’ll eventually get there and I don’t have to worry about my stuff getting destroyed or raided. I may eventually get online,but it’s bad enough when I have to dismantle my own stuff because something didn’t go as planned.

I’m sure I will have other suggestions. Like the need for sandstone sloping roof and sandstone inverted sloping roof for example. But that’s another topic. lol I also want to say thanks for the support on this and nice work in the screenshots you all have shown.


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Stonebrick is shaped similar to sandstone(including stairs).

Which isnt really what people ask for though. Not only.
The railings having a collision too… :wink:
One can just walk through these railings.

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