Sandstone Gate Frame and Sandstone Gate Door

Now that there is a Tier 1 gateway with the release of Septah ( Flotsam Gate Frame and Flotsam Gate Door), I would love it if you would add a Sandstone Gate Frame and Gate Door as well. I am using the Flotsam Gate on my sandstone building and it works, but doesn’t look right.


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Yes, I agree. When building our nice Sandstone Castle with the Clan, the gate is missing. It should be consistent with the other sets, in my opinion. I know that it does not keep you protected like a tier 2 or tier 3 fortification, but many servers are not PvP and people build bases for roleplay and architecture reasons. We for example try to build an entire village in the inner area of the castle yard.

Please allow us by adding that gate to make it look consistently, if that is possible with low costs. Thank you!

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