Sandstorm reach

1, full Cave should Give protection from sandstorm, it swap betwen sheltered or not inside, just add around Cave nondesert zone
2 , same thing with water, i was surprised when sandstorm killed me underwater

I dont get to snowy area yet so if blizards work same as sandstorm can u change them as well

Maybe few more places where u can survive sandstorm, half caves, Under cliff etc.
Its mostly cus low leveled players for Who are sandstorms big issue, to help them with natural safehouse, also this places can be nice to build small/secret bases


or you know get a vitality 3 perk and wear a sandstorm mask… seriously once you learn how to combat it…its not a big deal. I once just plop down a foundation and 4 walls and a roof. bam i was cover.

Althought they could have made a placable tent to be erect to provide shelter protection

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If you can get tent placed, it works great as temporary shelter if you can’t find wall stand next to.

Once you past desert, into highlands and further north, sand storm wont hit you, and you’ll see the effect.
It pass over set part of map, and goes southward by time it hits jungle. You can be little bit east of Dry falls and be ok.

As for caves, moving around usually is what goofs the shelter status, same for your house sometimes. Something that needs abit of work.

I know how to survive, btw enought is triangle foundation, 2 walls and triangle floor xD

Its About little imersion, u cant get into sandstorm in Cave or Under water, just put that in separate zone as desert zone without sandstorm or create Cave zone/water zone

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A tent/bedroll placeable that could be picked up if not damaged would be nice, but I feel like a tent would take damage during a sandstorm, or it would have to for realism. Seeking shelter seems to be the most reasonable solution to handeling a sandstorm although I agree water should work too if the player can manage their breathing.

As for a blizzard, I wish we had those. I’d like to be engulfed in so much snow that I can’t see 15 meters ahead and be forced to up my heat protection or risk freezing to death.

Actually, i saw something where there are sandstorms underwater, so it isn’t technically wrong. Can’t remember where, but it was recently when i was channel flipping and caught it for a moment. Discovery Channel more than likely.

edit for fact check:
IT happens during dome earthquakes under water.

There are no blizzards. But there should be blizzards!


Blizzards and lean to’s and yurts or some other kind of insulated tents that cost plenty of leather!

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