Sandstorms Stopped happening on my Server

Survioval server hosted on survivaal servers.
Multiplayer with 3 friends
Currently Sandstorms wont happen on server. Tried to turn them off then restart server and turn them back on and restart and nothing. not quit sure how to fix them.

I’ve noticed when I play, when a game is first started regardless of setting the night never comes nor the sandstorms. Not until after I’ve logged out and back in do they start. I’ve also gone two or three days without a sandstorm and have had two on the same day. Might any of those things be impacting the situation?

They probably are still working. The randomized timer is just so significant that you may miss when they trigger. It’s also possible you logged in during a sandstorm event, which would cause them to be invisible until at least the next event.

Sandstorm is working though as far as I know, if it wasn’t it would be more of a worry since I help maintain a cool sandstone mod (though to be fair, it’s mostly Hade’s mod who is a pure genius). Most of the inner code is still vanilla, we just added additional code for some other stuff.

The mod lets you adjust the sandstorm timers as you wish. Using the mod also adds additional routes so it’s no longer predictable. Here’s the link for that.


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