Save data is losing my stuff and my settings

this process is not what I paid over a hundered dollars to do with my time.

the game does not save my stuff. I lose items , thralls buildings, etc and even settings like invert y axis;

i mean the game should at a minimum be reliable regarding what I have done. but i have lost hours and hours of work and tried numerous things to avoid.

I’m not an xbox player,
But there are many Xbox players here who I’m sure would help.

But I think more information is needed,
Normally everything is saved automatically, However I know that on PC sometimes if server settings are changed in the middle of a game, they wouldn’t stick. But I believe that has been patched at least on PC.

What does the event log say?
Are you playing single player or on a server? if a server is it an official or a private server?
What game mode are you playing? Your character doesn’t disappear when you log out, it “goes to sleep” So if you’re on an official PVP server, someone could be robbing your body.

Also there is a decay system in play on servers, if you don’t log in with in a weeks time (7 days, or 168 hours) the decay timer hits 0, if you don’t log in for two weeks, everything will be dust by the time you do log in.

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