Saving not properly working using ps5

Game mode: Single-player

Type of issue: Ocasionally when i log out after x amount of time in game through quitting to main menu and then closing the game, when i reenter game nothing from the previous session has been saved and i get reset to a previous save, this can be hours of work lost… so it’s kind of annoying. Is there any tips or tricks to how this can be resolved? The thralls also change their looks and the occasional workbench goes missing when this happens (with all inventory obviously)

I have been the sole player on my console so should not be any other profiles wich may cause issues (as i read was a thing on x-box)

**Hardware: PS5

Bug Description:

See above

Expected Behavior:

That the game saves correctly upon exiting, and the stuff i have done is still there when logging back in.

Steps to Reproduce: Continue single player game, do stuff (build or whatever) log out and reload. (sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesent)

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